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The Coach’s Rant: Diet-Mentality as Religious Cults

Earlier in my career, I was fortunate enough to work closely with the late fitness industry publishing mogul Robert Kennedy. I wrote articles for his magazines, and I ghost wrote articles for his magazines. At one time I had my own column in Muscle Mag International....

A Special Christmas Blog Post and a Personal Story

I tried to make this a video blog, but it was too emotionally-trying to get through it on camera. I am writing this out instead. I dearly hope you will take the time to read it. Every word I am about to tell you is true. I am not going to proof read this or edit it at...

Before, After, and the “On Vacation” Pics

Anyone who has been involved in fitness for more than a week has seen plenty of before and after shots. Sometimes these are amazing. Sometimes they are misleading. I’ve remarked in several of my books that many before and afters would be more accurate if they showed...

Of Course Metabolic Damage Exists (Just Ask an Expert)

I recently re-released Metabolic Damage and the Dangers of Dieting, which was originally written about a decade ago. Back then it wasn’t long before I was rolling my eyes in disgust about what a buzzword “metabolic damage” had become in the industry. The term had been...

Interview with Karen McCoy of

I recently spoke with Karen McCoy at We recorded the interview, and though it's not up on iTunes or anything, you can still download it and listen :) Download an mp3 of it here. (right click, save as)

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