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I'm Scott Abel

...and physique transformation is what I do.

I help my clients sculpt their bodies in a way that's safe and sustainable—but extremely effective.

The "secret" is that there is no secret.

Just expertise.

Instead of chasing fads, I use the same principles now that I've used with my clients for the past 40 years. I design meal plans, workouts and strategies that are customized to the needs of the client. Instead of forcing the client to adapt to the diet or workout, I adapt the diets and workouts to the client. Simple.

I work with real, everyday people. I work with bodybuilders. I work with anyone willing to put in the time and effort to see huge rewards.

These days, my online coaching comes in the form of three main coaching services:

Online Coaching Services

Custom Workout Plans

I send you a one-time custom workout plan based on a full assessment of your goals and needs. Stop "program hopping" and get on a program that's effective and smart.

Custom Meal Plans

A customized meal plan unique to your body and your goals. You don't have to guess or "hope." Just get something that'll just plain work.

Online Coaching

You tell me your goals, and then we work together to help you achieve them. I'll give you custom diets and workout plans, but you'll also get advice, tweaks, and coaching as we move forward.

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When Diet Goes Too Far! Client Case Study: Suzie Q

“Suzy Q” I have a client we will call Suzie Q, for the purposes of this article. Suzie Q is a great client. She’s very responsible with regular check ins. She always gives me the biofeedback I need and she is always on top of sticking to protocol without excuses....

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Physique After 50: Common Sense at 60!

Physique After 50: Common Sense at 60!

A comedian once rightly said, “The older I get, the younger I used to be.” Truer words have never been spoken. But what does that mean and why is it so apropos? When I first wrote Physique After 50 and offered the programs within it, it was because of my frustration...

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Client Case Study: Dr. Alan C

Client Case Study: Dr. Alan C

A long time ago, I stopped penning Client Case Study articles about clients who live in the gym and compete in physique contests, and work as trainers or whatever. I Coach people who have real lives and live in the real world with real demands on their time. My client...

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