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Return Policy


Officially, we do not offer refunds or exchanges on products or services, for the simple fact that they are digital products and services, and once you have them, there is no way to “give them back.”



We've decided to make the products available for download to you, such that they are yours, to keep, forever. You can make copies, back them up, burn them to CDs, DVDs, or external hard drives, or save them in the cloud. In this regard, they're yours to do with as you please! We want to give you this freedom, so we haven't added fancy DRMs to the products.

Once they're downloaded, they're yours, so there's no way to “return them.” It's not a pair of jeans that you return to the store, nor even a course where the videos can only be accessed online, such that we can simply shut off your access. This is why we don't offer refunds. In some cases, we will make exceptions, but that is at our sole discretion. Email orders[at] if you have questions.



All services, including one-on-one online coaching, custom diet plans, and custom workout plans, are sent over email. There are no refunds or exchanges because, again, once you have them, they're yours. We consider these very high-end services, and we do not want clients who want to try before they buy; we want people who are serious and have committed to change.

People who order these should already trust Scott, his expertise, and his knowledge, and his beliefs as a “big-C” Coach. If you're not there yet, spend more time on the site, do more research, and shoot him an email with your questions. See also this very detailed this blog post about his approach.


Products on Third-Party Websites (Amazon, Udemy)

Some of our products are available on websites like Amazon and Udemy. In these cases, their refund policy applies, not ours.