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Currently, this site uses affiliate links for our Amazon products. Partly, this is so we can better track which links accomplish our marketing goals, as Amazon provides useful analytics.

It should go without saying that any of Scott's products on other sites like Amazon and Udemy likewise generate a commission for us. That's why we put them there.

If we add more products where we use affiliate links, we will try to be open about it, and/or update this page.



In writing articles and offering both free and paid content we have tried to be honest about potential results. Indeed, we often stress that there are no magic formulas, and you should not be thinking in six-week windows of diets, or things like that. That said, we want to stress that potential results are not guaranteed results.

Moreover, we've tried to be pretty open that many coaching clients who achieve remarkable results did so not in magic six-week windows, or just by following a certain magic diet, but with the combination of ongoing help and support from a qualified coach, and the application of an appropriate diet and program for that client. In other words, the client didn't do the right program; they did the right program for them, at that time, based on where their body was at. Bodies are complex; different bodies have different potential.

We will try to provide information that will help you get you to your goals. However, although this should be common sense, we don't offer any kind of GUARANTEE or WARRANTY that by following the advice on this site you will achieve the same results as clients, customers or testimonials.



We talk about health and fitness a lot. Scott Abel has decades of experience in diets and nutrition, bodybuilding training, and so on. But at the end of the day, he is not a doctor, nor does he play one on TV.

You should talk to your doctor before beginning any new exercise or diet program.