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“Hardgainer” Genetics and the Compare, Contrast, Compete Game


“Hardgainer” Genetics and the Compare, Contrast, Compete Game

by | Sep 11, 2017 | Training | 1 comment

You might have seen Andy in many of my recent videos. Andy's an international magazine cover model, and he often seems like he has “great genetics,” but the truth is more complicated…

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Andy is a perfect example of what consistency and proper program design can accomplish to “overcome” genetics. His story offers a valuable parable for others.

If you look at Andy now, you might dismiss him, and think, “Oh, he just has great genetics,” but that’s unfair and one-sided. Andy has genetic advantages and disadvantages, just like most people. You might have different advantages and disadvantages from Andy, but your genetics are more complicated than just being either “good” or “bad.”

Andy putting in the work.

For example, when Andy was just getting started with me, if you looked at him, you’d have thought, “Oh, classic hardgainer. He’ll never be big!” This is why we needed to bulk him up, and why it took months and months, and then he had to lose all that weight.

Also, once he started in on bulking, Andy’s genetics weren’t predisposed to store his fat in very flattering places. His friends teased him about it! Even I was “luckier” in this regard. When I bulked up, the fat I put on was just more flattering.

On top of all this, when he first came to me, I told him specifically NOT to try to go for the classic bodybuilder physique. His “genetics” simply wouldn’t support it. It couldn’t be done. He’d ruin his physique and his potential.

But instead of giving up and saying “Oh, I’ll never look exactly like that guy, or that guy,” Andy knew he could still WORK WITH his genetics, and he did — and look at the results!

The point is this: 

Once you let go of the compare, contrast, and compete game, and you just put the work in to a proper training program and diet strategy, then all of a sudden amazing things become possible.

What you see above is what’s possible when you just trust the process and put in the work. As I tell my clients, the program works if you work the program.

Is “looking like Andy” possible with every one out there? No, of course not. But that doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish amazing things with proper programming and consistency.