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Please Note: Scott is not currently accepting clients.

Online Coaching

Work 1-on-1 with Coach Scott Abel

You Will Get Accountability, Expertise, and Exact Custom Plans to Suit Your Needs and Your Goals

How it works:

Work 1-on-1 with me to achieve your goals.

Here's what happens when a new client signs up with me.

First, I will send you a list of what I need to get started. Here's what it includes:

Information Scott Needs
  • A list of your current physique transformation goals and your current challenges.
  • Your vital stats: age, height, weight, sex.
  • Pictures of yourself from front side and back.
  • A breakdown of your current training program (if any) and how long you have been following it.
  • Your honest assessment of how many days per week you can realistically find time to workout and for how many hours per training day.
  • A detailed 3-day diet history.
  • A brief breakdown of your lifestyle and lifestyle stressors.
  • A brief history of any food or eating issues (if applicable).
  • List any injuries or medical conditions and medications which may affect training protocol.

Once I have this info, I get started immediately.

I'll then put together a custom meal plan and a training workout program for you, and within a couple days you'll get an email from me with everything you need to get started.

I'll provide a bit of advice — just in terms of how to apply the diet and program — and then you'll begin. If you have a history of food or eating issues (e.g., “I know what to do, but I just can't stop snacking…” or “I feel like [insert diet] worked, but I always ended up just binging…”), we will also talk about this early on and begin a preliminary strategy.


Use my “Inside/Out” approach to sculpt your physique.

At this point, we dig in.

We assess, we adjust. 

The plan works if you work the plan. I repeat: the plan works if you work the plan. 

If changes or tweaks are required, I will tell you immediately.

I use what I like to call an “inside/out” approach, or a “biofeedback-first” approach to physique transformation.

What this means is that when you work with me, you'll pay less attention to external numbers and factors. You won't have to worry about macros, calorie-counting, or even the number on the scale.

Instead, you'll just dig into the meal plan and training.

All you need to do, at this point, is let the changes take place and report back how it's going. 

Instead of working from the outside-in, we'll work from the inside-out.  We'll make adjustments based on your body and the signals your body is giving you. 

I will assess things like hunger, energy levels, how you're doing in the gym, your mood, whether you feel invigorated and alive or tired and lethargic. I tend to tell new clients to report back on anything that “stands out.” This is how we'll make adjustments. We'll do it based on what your body is actually doing, instead of trying to guess using some external number.

If you're reading this page, you probably already know that the weight scale can lie.

You know that focusing too much on counting calories, macros, and all sorts of other numbers can lead you down roads you don't want to go down.

You know that there is no “magic secret.” 

There are just tried-and-true principles that work. 

These are the principles I've used with my clients for decades.

Clients like Byron:

Byron Before

Byron After

Byron started with Scott on January 1st. At that point, he weighed 265 lbs.

By April he was down 50 lbs.

By June he was down 75 lbs. (Pictured above.)

Byron didn't count calories. He didn't track macros. He didn't go low carb or starve himself.

Was there a secret? No.

He just stuck to a meal plan that had been custom designed just for him.

Coaching isn't just about “before and after,” though. At the time of writing, Byron is still with me. That's one reason I know he's not going to be a “weight loss tourist.” He's going to be a permanent resident.

Here's another client who made a remarkable transformation, and then kept it off:

Karmin B

Karmin Before

Karmin After

Here's what Karmin had to say:

What has surprised me the most is how much peace the experience has brought me. It has not brought me stress about what I eat or how many times a week I work out and how much I need to report back. Scott gives you the tools and it is up to you to take those tools and make them work for yourself.


He never makes me feel guilty or bad about myself. Instead he helps me realize that fitness is not my occupation, and life sometimes gets in the way. We can’t all be perfect; however, when you are consistent and put in the work, you WILL get the results.




I was kind of scared and not sure what to expect but what surprised me was how Scott really understood and supported what real life is like. I am not perfect and I have my good days and bad days, but he helps me get through it all and gives me real tools and strategies to manage my life and my goals.

You can read more about Karmin here.

Alan C


In Progress

Alan C on coaching:

I feel totally different than I ever have previously. Coach Abel is all about the real qualitative stuff and here is what that spells for me: I have consistent energy throughout the day, I sleep well, and my workouts feel energized.



I was surprised by just how much a few regular and consistent Coaching emails can really help guide and support the process along. Previously, I had assumed that an “in-person” approach was necessary for progress, but it certainly is not.


Now I understand how Scott is able to effectively coach people all around the world.


I have done a total overhaul of my life (scheduling, nutrition, training) based on Scott's information/knowledge and his principles, even prior to signing up for his 1 on 1 coaching.


But now I have learned how small ongoing tweaks from a qualified Coach can be such difference makers.

You can read more about Alan C here.

Andreas P

Andreas Before

Andreas After

Andreas had already lost a fair bit of weight, but he was struggling with keeping it off, and felt “trapped inside the thin cage” simply trying to maintain his current weight.

Here's what he had to say:

Before Scott, oh boy, I tried every vogue trend and nonsensical approach that’s out there. I tried every diet under the sun: ketogenic diets, intermittent fasting, etc. For supplements I was like a guinea pig spending way too much money on all of it.


One-on-one coaching gave me accountability and helped me stay on track when I felt like just throwing in the towel or trying something new.


Scott taught me how to stop obsessing, over-analyzing and worrying about every little detail. He taught me to read my own biofeedback, and to shift my mindset toward the deeper elements of health and fitness. With Scott I learnt genius lies in simplicity and that the most important key to a diet serving you long-term was about reading your own biofeedback and knowing what buttons to press and when to dial things back. This took me a year or more to master, but when I finally “got it” I was able to stop with the stressing or obsessing. “Staying lean” came without even having to think about it.

You can read more about Andreas here.


JP Before

JP After

JP sustaining his physique on vacation
…Cycle Diet Style!

JP has lost 100 lbs.

And he's kept it off four 4 years.

Above, you can see some of the vacation pics JP sent me while on vacation on a cruise. We started him on the Cycle Diet (slowly, at first), first with cheat meals, and then half-day cheats, and then full cheat days. 

As you can see from the photos, JP has been rocking the Cycle Diet. (And enjoying it!)

Also: JP is a firefighter. He works shift work. 

Here he is in his own words:

To say I “burn the midnight oil” or “the candle on both ends” is an understatement. First off, I work as a lieutenant on the Fire Department.  My work schedule is I work 24 hours straight, then have the next 48 hours off.  However, “48 hours off” is very misleading.  I also am heavily involved in my religion, dedicating easily 80-100 hours per month…..on top of my firefighting work.  That doesn’t include the time I must dedicate to the weekly errands, family responsibilities, etc.  Yes, I wish there was a 25th hour in the day!

These transformations weren't accidents.

The meal plans and workouts I send my clients are designed to do two things:

Priority #1. Help the client accomplish his or her physique goals.

Priority #2. Help the client maintain longterm health.

I say this because sometimes these goals come into conflict, depending on the client's expectations.

For example, if you have a severe emotional eating issues, you want to lose +100 lbs or more, and you want to do it all in the next four weeks, then no, I can't do that. 

To even try that would endanger your longterm health.

Put simply, that will put Priority #1 into conflict with Priority #2.

However, if you're willing to do the work and focus on the sustainable physique transformation, then yes, I can help you.

If you've tried unsustainable “short-term” strategies in the past, I can help you get started on a strategy that's simple, smart, sustainable—and effective.

Melissa S

Melissa Before

Melissa After

Melissa S started with me three years ago, after experiencing the classic “post contest” metabolic rebound effect. She was struggling to lose weight in a way that was healthy and sustainable.

Many women who've participated in physique contests know how hard this is. You see the “contest” pics online, but you never see the pics a few months after the contest. Coaches will starve their clients to get them on stage… but then they'll leave it to someone else to pick up the pieces.

When Melissa came to me we focused not on “burning calories” but on healthy metabolic function, and that meant building metabolically active tissue. That's why, if you look at those before and afters, you might be surprised to learn there is “only” an 8-10 lb. difference between them!

Nowadays, Melissa’s weekly biofeedback check-ins almost always tell me something like, “Appetite, hunger, energy, digestion & sleep are all normal and good.” As a coach, that is always the goal, to put people back in touch with their bodies in a way that's healthy and productive.

One of the biggest things I notice since starting with you is that probably for the first time in my life, I am significantly more relaxed and balanced around food, as well as exercise. And all the carbs :) Yum!

I also work out less than I ever have, 4 days week with no prescribed cardio (occasional walks outside when I can), & a programmed routine & structured program, compared to sporadic workouts with no structure or routine for 6-7 days a week with cardio whenever I felt like it. Huge differences here as well which has drastically changed my mindset around exercise.

Alba K

Alba Before

Alba After

Alba has made a stunning transformation.

She first joined up with me for help regarding her food and eating issues, but she also wanted to lose a bit of weight.

Here is what Alba wrote when she was eleven weeks into her journey:

What matters is that I can look in the mirror and not cringe and that feels really good. What also matters is facing life, the good and the not so good, instead of trying to ignore what I didn’t like (which doesn’t work anyway).


So here I am 11 weeks into my journey. (as of July 2015) I’m looking forward to my continued recovery from EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified), learning to accept who I am, and hoping to help others with what I am learning on this Coaching journey.

Alba didn’t “battle” her eating, food and weight issues. She learned to “let them go” and treat herself better because of it. That is how she made her transformation. 

Her results were so noticeable that her husband Scott got on board as well for coaching.



When Alba sent me the pictures of her and Scott above, she said, “I love the one we took yesterday, we’re back to the size we were when we got married 25 years ago.”

Ready to get started?

Please Note: Scott is not currently accepting clients.

To get started, or if you have any questions, just click the big green button and fill out the coaching application form.

Coaching is $1,500 up front to get started, then only $100 a month to continue.

Aaron C

Aaron Before

Aaron After

Aarron used Scott's coaching and his hardgainer solution to prep for a show:

By following coach’s instructions and the HGS program I was show ready 2 weeks out and just cruised right into the show stress free and in the best condition I have ever been in… Easy peazie!

Aaron C


Ollie Before

Ollie After

It's certainly changed my life. Worth every penny.


Andy Sinclair




Not only is Scott incredibly knowledgeable, he also looks out for your best interests. When I came to him I told my interest in fitness modeling and wanted that look, well here I am almost 2 years later and I’ve signed a contract with Nxcare nutrition which includes some print ads in major bodybuilding and fitness magazines and the possibility of appearing in T.V commercials as well.

Andy S

Frequently Asked Questions

I have food and eating issues. Can Scott still help?


In fact, in situations like this I strongly recommend ongoing coaching, because it's not about “the diet” or getting “just the right workout plan.”

It's about balancing those things with ongoing, one-on-one coaching.

What's your approach? Low-carb? High-carb? Intermittent fasting?

It varies.

Generally, I advocate for high carbs. For clients who have requested it, I *have* gone low-carb, but that's very, very rare for me.

I suggest 4-6 meals per day, evenly spaced throughout the day. I advocate for simple whole foods.

I do not recommend intermittent fasting. 

Beyond that, everything I do is based on that “inside/out” approach mentioned above. It's not about the magic mixture of the right foods. It's about the right foods, in the right amounts, for you.

Will I be put on the Cycle Diet if you coach me?

If you don't want to, then no, of course not.

If you do really, really want to do the Cycle Diet, that can certainly be a factor, but whether it's right for you depends on if/when your body is ready. 

Will I do MET training or Hybrid training if you coach me?

Maybe. This is another case of “it depends.” 

I cannot stress enough that what I assign to my clients really is based on them. It's not about “my” approach. It's about what the client needs.

Is there anyone you won't work with (vegans, non-vegans, dietary restrictions, etc.)?

Not really.

Stuff like vegan/non-vegan totally depends on you. I can work with you and help you succeed either way.  

Do you still work with bodybuilders? I'm getting ready for a show.

Yes, I'm still happy to help.

However, I will not give advice about steroids. Not for stacks, certainly not for sourcing — nothing like that. I'm not being coy. I will not do it. 

I'm getting ready for my wedding/vacation/important event in ___ weeks. Can you help?

Yes, but I will not do anything that's unsafe, or that I think is going to result in a weight rebound or emotional food issues.

I will be up front about what I think is possible.

Don't wait any longer.

Please Note: Scott is not currently accepting clients.

To get started, or if you have any questions, just click the big green button and fill out the coaching application form.

Coaching is $1,500 up front to get started, then only $100 a month to continue.

Customized Meal Plans (+tweaks)

Get custom meal plans, with totally custom options to give you freedom. Each meal plan is custom-designed for your body and your goals

Customized Workout plans (+tweaks)

Receive ongoing workout plans that are fun and fitted to your lifestyle. Don’t waste anymore time in the gym. Get expert, proven programming from Scott.

Weekly Check-Ins

You can send me extra questions or emails at any time, but *in general* I recommend weekly check-ins.

Ongoing Personal Advice & Tweaks

Email me your “biofeedback” to keep yourself 100% on track, and ensure that I can adjust your plan on an as-needed basis.

Unlimited Emails

Get your questions expertly answered… fast. Whenever you have a question, whether it is clarification about your plan or a question about fitness, email Scott and get your answer.

Emil D

Emil Before

Emil After

Just a few weeks on a workout and diet regimen and I could see an immense difference in my physique and energy levels.

Coach Abel took the guess work out of everything and I have not touched a supplement in over a year and look better than I ever have thanks to him.

Before I contacted Coach Abel, I read a few of his books/posts and when you’re reading his blog posts, books, videos, etc it all just clicks and makes sense. After a few emails back and fourth I took the plunge and don’t regret it at all.

Emil D

After only three months on Scott’s program, the difference in my body was amazing, particularly so because I did absolutely NO CARDIO training during that time period.
Lisa D.

I was getting tired and bored with the same old movements, sets, reps etc. I contacted him via email and within days had my plan from him […] Without a doubt, his coaching helped me achieve conditioning at 49 that I never dreamed possible. […] Scott’s personal touch, unique training approach combined with solid diet advice was the winning combination for me.
Don S

Not only did I achieve my personal goal of competing, but I feel great and at age 43, I'm in the best shape of my life.

After working with Scott I can attest to the statement that he is the “best” and that if you (the reader) are looking to be your best I'd highly recommend Scott. Thank you Scott!

Jacqueline G

I feel lucky to have the opportunity to have a weight training and diet program prescribed by Scott. To have a love for something that not only makes you happy and excited, but is tweaked and streamlined to help you constantly reach new goals and experience new things, is something I will never give up.
Cassandra O

Scott is not a “trainer,” but a Coach in every sense of the word. He will tell it to you straight and challenge you not only in the physical realm, but in the emotional and mental space as well. He is an every man or woman's Coach. I am humbly grateful for the foundation and lessons that he has provided me through his teachings.
Jarrod T

Scott gave me the tools to break free from the prison of body image and food issues.
Shara V

In the first 8 months under Scott’s guidance, I lost 30 pounds, 3 pant sizes, and I am in the best shape of my life. However, it is what I have gained which I am most grateful for.

Early on in the Coaching relationship I discovered that Scott’s teachings go well beyond the physiological aspects of health and wellness.

Paolo P

As a scout and a member of management in a professional sports team, I am often on the road for two weeks at a time criss-crossing the country and the US, and scouting tournaments in Europe as well.

For 8 months of the year I pretty much work 10-14 hours per day, and live and eat in hotels. Because my fitness is important to me I don’t have time to waste so I count on Scott to give me the best, most efficient time-saving programs and diets and supplement advice. His knowledge is unequalled by anyone in the game of fitness and he helps me do the best I can with such a hectic schedule.

Trevor T

After having kids and letting my body “go,” I decided to get back in shape and competed for the first time in Masters Figure in 2007 at the age of 38. I loved the experience of competing; the challenge of getting ready for the stage was right up my alley. […]

I started working with Scott in December 2007 and attended his January 2008 MET Workshop. Scott has now seen me through several contest preparations, and I have brought a better, more mature physique to each show. I now have a lifetime pass (automatic entry) to the Canadian Nationals in Masters Figure and I have never felt or looked better. Far from being burnt out or “struggling” with body image or metabolic issues, I am chomping at the bit to continue on this journey.

Crystol W

I made one of the most important decisions of my life in Jan 2005 when I sought out Scott in a grocery store at the magazine rack and asked for his help. […] The condition that I am able to possess (thanks to the cycle diet) has also opened a lot of doors for me in other areas of life, so I am looking forward to being an abel body for quite some time.

Kevin P

I signed up with Scott in the spring of 1998 and from that point forward my body excelled beyond my wildest dreams.
Kevin S

To me fitness is not a goal, it is not a destination, and it is not a finish line or a competition. The point of my journey, the point of my being fit, is not just for me “to arrive” at any particular state. I have Mr. Scott Abel as my coach; he has opened my eyes and many doors to me. With his guidance and program development I continue to strike items from my “bucket list” and will continue to do so. I have learned a lot from Scott over the past three years, and God willing I will continue to learn and grow for many years to come. Anything is possible, you just have to believe.
Paula D

Scott put me on a conditioning program I never would have thought of myself. It allowed for max stimulation without the threat of getting too big.

Combined with Scott's diet I got into great shape and stayed that way.

Then I shared with Scott my goal to pursue some modeling and what he thought about it. Knowing I was in great shape, Scott promised me nothing but said he would make a few calls. Well before I could turn around I was doing a test shoot and since that time i have been in Musclemag, American Health and Fitness and Oxygen as far as mainstream fitness mags. I have also done calender work and other modeling gigs as well. Saying Scott knows his stuff is a huge understatement, and saying he will go out of his way to help you is just as much an understatement.

Jason A

I have worked with Scott since the summer of 2003, and continue to enjoy the process. Competing is an entirely new game for me, and I honestly love the challenge. Scott is an incredibly smart guy, really knows his stuff and I am grateful to be able to call him my coach! With Scott’s help, my physique changed in such a short period of time and continues to improve day by day.
Desiree W

Hiring Scott as my coach has been the best decision I have made. My approach to bodybuilding has changed so much in the past six months. My training is the best it has ever been and my diet is now consistent. Scott has also helped me bring the joy back into my training; I look forward to the gym now. Great coaches are able to establish a relationship with their athletes. They guide that person to develop and grow mentally and physically, and that's exactly what Scott does. Scott provides you with all the tools you need to accomplish the goals you set out to achieve, all you have to do is put the effort in.
Liam M

With Scott's guidance, you can't help but feel that things are going in the right direction, with each program (both diet and training) complementing the previous, your body is continually and strategically being built up into a metabolic machine, constantly increasing your body's natural potential to mitigate the typical onset of metabolic-downturn that invariably happens with age and typical Western lifestyle

It is evident he cares a lot about what he does, every time I e-mail him he gets right back to me quick and always gives me the right information and great advice simply because he is very invested.

One of the main things that really stands out to me about coach is his honesty no matter what the circumstance. He has a keen insight on the goals you wish to achieve and he helps you as much as you can help yourself on how to pursue them and the steps to take. I highly recommend Scott Abel to anyone looking to improve their physique.

Anthony J