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The NEW Guaranteed Can’t Fail Weight Loss and Physique Transformation Formula for 2021

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I have finally cracked the code. I have finally developed and refined THE guaranteed formula for weight loss success and physique transformation for 2021.

You follow this formula and you will not fail – guaranteed.

I want to give a shout out to my client Mike G who shared this concept with me during one of his check ins recently and it got me thinking how to expand this idea to make it work for all of you.

But first, if I’m being honest (and I always am) I must say, There will always be a certain kind of person out there – one who thinks a Coach should want their client to achieve their goal, more than they want it for themselves. These people tend to be the most frustrating type of people to deal with because while they are certainly sincere about their transformation goal, they just aren’t very serious about it; not in real terms.

As I used to say in all my seminars and workshops; there will always be people with goals whose goals are way more wishbone, than they are backbone. When that is the case, these types of people tend to create ‘wishcraft’ when it comes to envisioning their physique transformation. And when this is the case, people who conjure their own ‘wishcraft’ for results end up buying into the most witchcraft nonsense this industry has to offer.

And this time of the year is the worst for that sort of thing.

Then there are other types of people. My clients report on these types all the time. As my clients make great strides toward their results and other people start noticing; they start asking my clients questions. They ask things like “What supplements are you taking?” – “What are you eating?” – “What is your exercise program?”

Even worse, there are people who will approach my successful clients and instead of asking them what they are doing, they start telling my clients of ‘other’ things they have heard of that work better. Keep in mind, this is from people who are making no changes at all of their own. But they will chime in with comments like, “Oh, but I hear carbs are bad.” – or, “I heard that kind of workout isn’t the best for fat burning.” – or, “You have to do cardio if you want to lose weight.”

And on and on it goes:

But then there are the even worse types; especially when they get together in a group.

They will start with a sincere interest in how a client of mine has made so much impressive progress. But then when my client outlines the changes he or she has made to their lifestyle, these people change their perspective from genuine interest to scoffing ridicule – with comments like “who wants to live like that!” – ‘That’s not living’ – ‘I could never do that, I have a life.’ And they all share a good laugh over the topic.

This scenario is a lot more common among my successful clients than you may think. But in reality, it represents a sort of sideways jealousy really.

The fact is that more often than not, clients expect support from friends and family clients, and instead they get ribbing or ridicule.

This scenario is not new to me, but it is new to each and every client who goes through it. And it is often disappointing and/or frustrating to them as well.

And the above scenario is where this particular article initiated.

My client Mike G has made fantastic progress. It would be real easy to see with one’s own eyes. Recently he was once again questioned how he made such an amazing transformation. But tired of answering the same questions to deaf ears, and then getting the same ridiculous and unsupportive blow back – he snapped back with a version of what is now my guaranteed, no way it can fail physique transformation formula you see below.

But first, let me clarify, and make no mistake about this – change is hard. It can be really hard. It requires backbone. It requires more than just a desire for change. It requires actual preparation for change.

So those people who actually succeed at achieving sustainable physique transformation – they should ALL be applauded.

And of course, this time of year all the gimmicks for ‘easy ways’ and ‘guaranteed ways’ to change your body come rushing to the forefront in order to cash in on people’s wishcraft.

I have already seen or been asked about several of these ridiculous solutions: everything from special herbs and spices to rev up metabolism and burn fat, to the usual ‘magic supplements’ solutions, to special diets for special demographics – like “melt fat like magic during menopause

And on and on it goes:

But I actually do have a formula for transformation. It’s a formula based on what my client told his ‘buddies’ to shut them up. And I have had other clients who have done more or less the same, albeit with different words.

So here is the big reveal, with the ‘secret’ included as well because every successful infomercial has to use the words “the secret” in it:


The New GUARANTEED CAN’T FAIL Weight Loss and Physique Transformation Formula for 2021


The “Haul My Ass Formula” (The secret is to actually do most or all of the things on this list)

Haul my ass to work out every day I am supposed to

Haul my ass to the produce section of the grocery store

Haul my ass to preparing my meals days in advance

Haul my ass to bed at a decent hour

Haul my ass to getting up early

Haul my ass away from junk food (temptation)

Haul my ass away from drive-thrus

Haul my ass away from making excuses

Haul my ass away from listening to everyone else’s excuses

Haul my ass to eating when I am supposed to eat

Haul my ass away from snacking

Haul my ass away from people who don’t support me

Haul my ass away from social media places that confuse me or make me feel bad about myself

Haul my ass toward who I want to be

Haul my ass away from who I used to be


Why This ‘Formula’ works so well.

Look folks, you aren’t going to experience physique transformation by ingesting supplements. Supplements are not change agents, by themselves.

You aren’t going to experience physique transformation by ingesting different herbs and spices.

You aren’t going to experience physique transformation via passive consumption of anything.

There is no magic weight loss cure while going through menopause.

There is no breakthrough new diet coming down the pipe this year.

Knowledge is great for sure. But knowledge on its own doesn’t “do” anything, does it? Applied knowledge is the thing.

YOU are the change agent.

There is no way around that fact. You can dance around it all you like. And you can be told you are a victim of your genetics, or your circumstances, or whatever else you want to believe as an excuse for staying stuck.

And even if you take the “haul my ass” approach and actually follow it, you will still likely make mistakes. And it will still likely be a hard road. But you will learn from these mistakes. You don’t need to fear them.

So many people want a perfect path laid out for them in advance of beginning any such journey. They have this notion that every possible nuance and potential obstacle should be solved BEFORE they undertake the task. That’s just not realistic. It’s not how real change works. They only way you can master anything is by doing it and doing it consistently and repetitively; and then adjusting all along the way, and making the ‘haul my ass’ sacrifices that are necessary for the change you seek.

There is no perfect path. But there is indeed a path. The question is whether you take the path and live that path! Because the reality is that ‘the path – IS – the destination.’

Real change is hard. How many times do I have to say it, “If it doesn’t feel like work, then it’s not going to work

I leave you with this anonymous verse:

“He worked by day, and toiled by night

He gave up play, he surrendered delight

And more books he read; these things to learn

But he forged ahead, success to earn

He plodded on, with determination and pluck

And when he finally succeeded – some, called it luck!”

The HAUL MY ASS Formula is as close to a guaranteed formula for transformation that you are ever likely to find.

But as usual

Some of you will get it

Some of you will not