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The diet and training regimen of a guy who travels 200+ days per year

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keeping-it-realLast week I got a lot of emails asking for more details about Trevor's diet and training. I didn't know precise details (more on this at the bottom), so I emailed him.

LOTS of insight in his response.

Trevor's response:

No matter where I am in the world I find a gym and train, even in the most remote places (e.g. Russia). Nutrition: I rely on oatmeal from Tim Horton's or McDonald's or wherever. Protein shakes. Love the well-balanced meals of: BURRITOS (rice, veggies, meat, avocado [good fats]), Tai food, green curry with rice (which is also inexpensive). Protein bars, fruit, nuts. Always do a light workout or cardio after flying for hours… always!


I do have a sweet tooth, which I reward myself by eating healthy all day for a sweet as a treat — LOVE chocolate! I don't pack my meals because I have to travel light. I only take a carry on. I'm in different place every day so I can't afford to have a lost suitcase right when I'm sending in scouting reports or needing to be in a suit and tie for a game

So, there you have it!

Look beneath the surface, folks.

What you see is a pattern of consistency. What you don't see is obsession.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 8.19.05 AM

Note the colours Trevor [middle] is wearing!

Trevor loves to workout as his own personal getaway, so he does it. RELIGIOUSLY.

There are no suitcases full of Tupperware and food scales. Trevor gets to his destination, gets his rental car, and hits up a grocery store or a store with fundamentals like oatmeal or whatever he needs, and then he goes about his business and his work.

What he DOESN'T DO is think about it… beyond getting it done!

He's got his career to engage, which is why he has to be on the road 200+ days per year. You also see healthy balance in that he “allows” himself a frequent food reward. He knows he loves his sweet tooth, so he makes room for it, by being disciplined in all other elements of diet and training, so he can enjoy his food reward with nothing to sabotage the enjoyment.

This keeps him on track.

He doesn't try to unealistically “deny himself” by trying to pretend to deny his own nature: he likes sweets, so he's going to eat them (something like myself, to be honest).

I've known Trevor (“T-Man” as I call him) to be in three different time zones in a single day, or four time zones in two days. And yet he's ripped, and he trains HARD and consistently!

In short:

Trevor keeps more REAL than 99% of people out there who only want it “in their own heads,” but not in their own inconsistent behaviours.

For those of you who want to know even more about Trevor, I have good news.
Awhile back Trevor came to visit me here in British Columbia, and he was kind enough to join Kevin and I to record some quick interviews and training sessions.

Training Sessions


One final thing I'd like to stress with Trevor is he does this all on his own these days.

Yes, I had him as a client back in the day. But does he still need to check in with a coach to do all that he does?

No, of course not. Trevor is way beyond that.

In my opinion, Capital-C Coaching must always be about empowering the clients. It's not about encouraging “dependence” on the trainer. It's about giving the client more tools than they already have.

Even though he was still in school, Trevor already had a lot going for him when he came to me. I helped with his diet and training. I coached him through bodybuilding competitions. But recall I also encouraged him to think beyond his bodybuilding career. I wanted him to take away skills and habits that would serve him his whole life.

A true coach is always in your corner and wants what's best for you.

If your trainer can't see beyond the next “12 weeks” or whatever, they are not truly helping you grow. They're thinking in the short term, but life isn't only about the short term.

Success in life is about patterns of consistency over the long term. People like Trevor embody this better than any theory or article ever could.

Success leaves clues.