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What I call the North American Diet Mentality is an example of a non-self-nurturing mindset; it will always have you judging, and playing the “compare, contrast, and compete game” against others.

In this video I discuss three shifts in perspective that provide an alternative. These mindsets are self-nurturing and self-empowering, and they are fundamental shifts to getting over food issues.

The three shifts are:

  • Shift 1: When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
  • Shift 2: Food issues are not something to “battle” or “overcome”; they are something to let go of.
  • Shift 3: Your body isn’t something to work “on”; it’s something you work with. (Put another way: Your body is not your lifelong project; it is your lifelong partner.)

In this video:

0:20 – How fearing food is part of the North American Diet Mentality, and this is an example of a non-self-nurturing mindset.

1:20 – Shift 1 – When you change they way you look at things, the things you look at will change.

2:00 – How food choices are not “good”/”bad,” or “right”/”wrong” – these lead to mindset of absolutes, and negative guilt/shame cycles

4:10 – Shift 2 – Food issues or worrying about food is not a “battle” to overcome — what you resist, persists!

4:50 – Why it can be hard to actually “let go” of food issues, and why embracing the struggle is only a short-term fix.

5:40 – Why I embrace Eastern Philosophy mindsets for many of these problems: they teach you how to let go.

6:13 – Shift 3 – Your body isn’t something to work on; it’s something to work with.

7:00 – Why you might put away the weight scale.

8:10 – How working with your body will have you finally listening to your body’s biofeedback, and this will actually lead to more “outer” success in the long run.

10:01 – How the other things — like weight loss, diet — fall into place when you truly enact the third shift.

11:06 – Conclusion and summary




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