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Abel Leg Thirties

Training, Workouts

I wanted to share a brutal workout or “circuit” that is for hypertrophy, and especially useful if you want to bring up your legs.

It's called the “Leg Thirties.” Oh yes indeed there are a lot of reps :)

I have two demos to show you what they're like.

One thing I want to get across is that you need to think outside the box in your training.

Use the basics of program design and exercise physiology, obviously. Don't do anything stupid, or anything that fly in the face of the principles. But the traditional 8-15 reps, for X sets, day in, day out, forever, isn't necessarily the best way to train. You need to train in multiple rep ranges and multiple ranges and planes of motion.

So for legs, look at the training of speed skaters and sprinters, who can't squat 600 lbs, but they can squat 225 lbs for an insane number of reps (100+!) that would put most bodybuilders to shame.

The Leg Thirties give you a huge number of reps. This is hypertrophy AND insane conditioning. The Leg Thirties work the quads, the glutes, and pretty much everything, really.

Here's a video featuring “Yours Truly” doing them at my 2010 workshop in Kelowna:

Performed by yours truly:
… and here's Jordan going through the workout: