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Case Study: Introducing Jess Leveck

Client Success

The very first and most important point to make about this “Case Study” is that Jess Leveck is a newcomer to fitness.

If you’ve been following my video exercise demonstration posts, and/or if you have my Flexible Fitness workout/training program, then you have seen Jess already, but you probably don’t know anything about her. But you should.

There is a very strategic reason I have wanted to have someone like Jess in my video projects for some time, but first I will let Jess tell you about herself and her fitness journey:

Jess’s Fitness Journey in her own words:

I am just about to turn 39 years old and I am 5’ 3” tall. I am a wife and mother of a 12-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy. I run my own multi-care daycare business as well, so I work 10-hour days from 7:30 to 5:30, five days per week. Of course, I still have my own household duties as well.

I am really, really new to any kind of fitness training. I started gym training and working out with weights only two years ago when my husband Byron signed up for Scott’s one on one Coaching. I started lifting weights and really enjoyed it.

When I started working out on my fitness journey I weighed 126 lbs and now I weigh and maintain 112 lbs. I look much more fit than when I started. But the surprising thing for me with all of this so far is that I lost the weight by lifting weights, by doing no cardio and by eating a carbs-based diet – and learning to eat more than I was eating, not less than I was eating.


And I follow Scott’s programs and Cycle Diet format as well. I have done several of Scott’s programs now like Ultimate Figure and HGS and others. Scott’s programs are the only ones I have done actually since I started lifting weights.

But really, why I have kept going with fitness and working out is because of the way I feel inside and out. I feel more energized physically and mentally and of course that is important when running a full time business AND a full time household with two kids.

In the past, I used to always dread having to think about what to make for dinner every night after a long day of work. But now, with Byron and I following Scott’s plan and all, I only think about ‘what’s for dinner’ on our refeed days which is exciting now instead of being something I used to dread. It’s fun.

It’s also great to see how our kids have also embraced healthy eating and a healthy perspective about food.

I’m new to fitness and it’s still exciting for me and I enjoy doing Scott’s programs and also being able to be involved in his video demonstrations.

Coach’s notes:

Why Jess’s case study matters and what you need to know:

For some time, I have been looking for a trainee like Jess for my video demonstrations and products, and here’s why:

The internet fitness instruction world is dominated by people who obviously do fitness for a living. They have years of experience behind them, and it's their whole life. Their examples can be very helpful and it can be very motivating to watch and listen to them. HOWEVER, at the same time, these examples often don't represent their target audience in any real way.

Here’s what I mean by that…

I deal with real people with real lives. Many of them, like Jess, don’t have decades of fitness background and exercise experience. New exercises and exercise combinations don’t feel natural or easy for trainees who are new to training.

Jess has only been at it for two years. But when you watch the videos, you can see that she's doing the movements extremely well, she has a sense of what feels right and what doesn't, and she makes it work.

This means that when I do exercise and workout demonstrations with Jess people are seeing a regular person. They're not seeing a pro model who's been doing these movements for 10+ years by the time they're 25. It can often be very DE-motivating for inexperienced, older trainees to watch a video clip of some 25 year old who has a decade more experience than they do! And then to feel as though they're can't perform the movement or feel it correctly.

So you have Jess, who doesn’t have an experienced fitness background, but if she can do these exercises, then you can too. And you can see that the kinds of exercises, exercise combinations, and workouts that I have Jess demonstrate are applicable to a wider audience. You don't need 10+ years of experience to do them and to do them well.

Exercises and workouts don't need to be ‘hardcore’ most of the time. Various exercises and workouts shouldn’t only be something you “aspire” to do. They should be something you do! You get more “out” of the movements when you already now how to do them.

Jess has been kind enough to devote her precious spare time to helping me. She's never competed. She’s never seen a competition. She doesn’t know the “who’s who” of online fitness or keep track.

She’s busy. She has a family AND a business to run… just like so many of you.

And this is why I think it was so important for me to present Jess Leveck as a case study for you all. She’s learning as she goes, just as so many of you are. But she has also made great real world strides and progress in her fitness journey.

And that's what her “case study” can represent for others: YOU can do this!

AND THAT is why you see Jess in so many of my fitness demonstration videos — she’s you!