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If you are a hardgainer, this new complete video course will walk you through the ultimate workout program and diet plan to finally deal with your hardgainer genetics.

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You will learn the actual strategies and frameworks for making real-world muscle gains used by experts.

This is not a magic gimmick, a supplement, or some empty promise claiming that you will add 50 pounds of muscle in two weeks.

This is a course designed to give you real-world, expert strategies to deal with your hardgainer genetics.

This course is NOT for the genetic elite. It's for real people, with real genetics–just natural trainees who want to make real progress in the gym.

(Just wait until you see the case studies below.)

What you're getting is simple:

Real-World Expertise Applied to YOUR Specific Problem…

Your “Hardgainer Dilemma”

Think of it like a “What if?”

What if you were coached by one of the world's top bodybuilding and program design experts?

What if you could sit down with this expert and pick their brain?

What if you could walk out of this meeting with an exact plan figure out exactly what you needed to do to deal with your hardgainer dilemma?

This is a rare opportunity to learn exactly how they would pack muscle onto your frame.

The genetically-gifted gym bro can't teach you these strategies. He doesn't know them. He just goes to the gym and any old program works (…but that's not been your experience, has it?).

People who aren't hardgainers, or who don't work directly with hardgainers, won't understand the nature of the dilemma.

The same is true of the guy who slapped together a collection of exercises and started selling it online as his “super secret program.” He also can't help you, because what worked for him won't work for you. You need to learn from someone who's done this before — not just with themselves, but with clients, again and again.

If you've struggled to make progress in the gym…

…but you know you're putting in the same amount of effort as everyone else…

…then the Hardgainer Solution was designed specifically with you in mind.

Your Hardgainer
The hardgainer has a unique dilemma that most training or bodybuilding programs out there simply don't address.

The hardgainer dilemma takes the form of a classic catch-22.

Here it is:

You need a certain amount of volume to stimulate muscle growth.

…but you also need a certain amount of recovery in order to actually adapt to that training stimulus and grow!

…for the hardgainer, these two things are in conflict.

For the hardgainer, there's a mis-match.

The volume you need to grow is too much for your hormonal and biochemical environment to recover from.

This can be genetic, or it can come with age (pretty much anyone over 35 years old is a hardgainer), or it can be a combination of factors (even things like ongoing lifestyle stress can play a role).

The hardgainer typically just tries to dig their heels in and “out-work” their genetics, but this just makes the problem worse… so now they're even further into a “recovery debt.”

They're exhausted, they're burned out, and they still haven't made any progress.

On the flip side, if the hardgainer tries to just lower their training volume, the hardgainer won't receive enough stimulus in order to adapt and cause growth in the first place.

Note that the typical hardgainer often won't even try this second approach, though, because it makes them feel “lazy.” Listen, the truth is that there's laziness and then there's just training intelligently. Trust us: on this program, although there are mechanisms in place to manage your recovery needs… you definitely won't feel “lazy”!

How MOST people try to solve their hardgainer dilemma…

Most hardgainers are training the wrong way to solve their dilemma.

This is because they've been told a lie.

They've been told, “train for strength, and development will come.”

This is just… not really true. It's an oversimplification at best, and at the end of the day, it's kindergarten logic.

First, if that were true: wouldn't you have overcome your dilemma already?

Or are you still struggling?

If you are still struggling, consider that maybe there's a better way to do this.

The truth is that training for strength, with max low-rep sets and so on, won't build muscle if these create demands on your system mess up your recovery. And they will.

Doing too many low-rep sets with very high weights will tap into your central nervous system in ways that will hamper muscle growth. You grow when you recover. After all, if you aren't recovering, you are not growing.

Yes, some relatively lower-rep sets have their place. You just have to know when and how to use them. There's a reason that The Hardgainer Solution uses the classic 5 X 5 reps scheme several times each week.

Borrowing a little from the strength world? Yes, that has its place. But training exclusively for strength is NOT the way to overcome the dilemma.

Read on to discover what the solution really is…

The solution lies in addressing your recovery needs, but also in realizing that there are actually two kinds of recovery — and a proper program needs to account for both.

There’s “interworkout” recovery, which is the kind of recovery people usually think about when they think of recovery. This is recovery between workouts.

But there’s also “intraworkout” recovery, which is recovery within a workout.

To illustrate why this is important, take the classic hardgainer on a bodypart split, remembering our dilemma.

Let's say this hardgainer nails his or her arms on Monday. In order to hammer his arms hard enough to stimulate growth — since, remember, he won’t be hitting them again all week — he needs to really NAIL them on that one day.

This is too much in terms of intraworkout recovery. It’s too much within a single workout.

You’ll encounter the same kind of problem if you engage in too much low-rep strength work. You will be tapping into these two types of recovery, one way or another.

How to overcome this dilemma…
This is why one element of the Hardgainer Solution is how it uses whole body training… but in a very specific and strategic way.

Relative to a traditional bodypart split, with this kind of whole body training, you won’t tap into your intraworkout recovery on any single day, but you will still stimulate muscle growth over the course of the week.

Another element of making this work is the use of bi-plexes and tri-plexes, which are simply two or three exercises done back-to-back.

This gets blood flowing and helps with muscle pump, which in turn helps with neural activation, which in turn helps stimulate those type-2B muscle fibers you need to stimulate in order to build muscle.

The full course covers all these ideas in much more depth, because we have to do so, because there are very important takeaways for all this in terms of how to approach your training.

The hardgainer dilemma you've experienced is real, and overcoming it is about much more than “just do this training program instead of that one.”

Sure, the right program helps (and for a true hardgainer this is the right training program), but in the complete course, we'll also teach you how to approach the right training program.

The Hardgainer Solution
The Hardgainer Solution is Coach Scott Abel's most flexible, popular training program to date.

The training itself can be done 3, 4, 5, 6 or even 7 days per week, and it can help almost anyone who has had problems gaining muscle.

Many factors can cause the hardgainer dilemma, and this includes physical and lifestyle factors (or both), but the Hardgainer Solution program uses specific workout structures and techniques to balance muscle stimulus with your recovery capacity, so that your muscles can properly adapt and GROW.

The complete program includes 80 workouts, which are meant to be done in order (although you can do just the first few over and over as you “condition into” the full program and get used to this kind of training).

This is because you need to balance stimulus, recovery, ranges and planes of motion, as well as the reps curve: low reps for this bodypart one day, high reps the next, all while keeping in mind recovery needs, what was done in the last workout, but also what's going to be done in the next workout, and so on and so forth.

This is why there's an art and a science to proper program design.

The program design here is meant to help you build muscle and stimulate type 2B muscle fibers, while balancing your recovery. It is ALSO meant to develop your recovery capacity, so that in the future, more traditional bodypart splits are even more beneficial for you, and this is how real training programs BUILD on one another, and it is why we're not saying, “Oh, this is the last, magic program you'll ever need.”

No, it doesn't work like that.

Here's how it does work:

This program is hugely beneficial, and can help you build muscle while you're on it, but you don't need to stay on it forever. You build muscle while on the program, but then you “graduate” on to other programs at the end.

Those traditional bodypart splits that used to not work for you?

Suddenly you'll be able to nail them with more intensity and get more out of them!

The course itself also teaches you about your diet needs, about how to listen to your body (so you know how to balance stimulus and recovery), and how to actually train properly to address the hardgainer dilemma.

Read the case studies below to see how HGS' program design and flexibility can help YOU.
The client with an extremely high-stress job who used Hardgainer Solution to kickstart his weight loss and muscle gain journey.

JP Before

JP After

» Read About JP
When JP signed up for coaching with Scott, The Hardgainer Solution was the very first program Scott put JP on, and it is through HGS that JP lost most of his weight and put on his muscle. (He was also put on a 4-Day MET Program after “graduating,” just towards the end.)

JP works as a lieutenant in a fire department, a very high-stress job with irregular hours.

Here is how he put it in his own words:

To say I “burn the midnight oil” or “the candle on both ends” is an understatement. First off, I work as a lieutenant on the Fire Department.  My work schedule is I work 24 hours straight, then have the next 48 hours off.  However, “48 hours off” is very misleading.  I also am heavily involved in my religion, dedicating easily 80-100 hours per month…..on top of my firefighting work.  That doesn’t include the time I must dedicate to the weekly errands, family responsibilities, etc.  Yes, I wish there was a 25th hour in the day!

Also, the Hardgainer Solution did exactly what it was supposed to do: after going through the Hardgainer Program, putting on muscle, and losing weight JP “graduated” so that he was ready for some of Scott's highest-level programs, including his 4-Day MET program and even Scott's extremely high-volume 6-day Hybrid Training Program, which is a very high-level program that requires a very developed work capacity and recovery capacity.

But JP was able to nail it because of the work he'd already put into Hardgainer Solution.

Again… it's not magic. It's just how expert-designed programs build on each other in the real world.

Aaron C

The natural hardgainer who used Hardgainer Solution to win his natural bodybuilding contest.

Aaron Before

Aaron After

» Hear Directly From Aaron
“I used the HGS Program 6 days a week.

At the beginning, I was losing 3 lbs a week, but then averaged out to approximately 2 lbs a week.

Even though my weight decreased, my strength stayed the same throughout the process.  Workouts took about 45-50 minutes to complete. Throughout the process, my energy stayed high. Towards the end of the prep, near the date of the show there was some fatigue, but nothing close to what I had experienced during other preps.

Being on the HGS Program, I was still able to enjoy my regular routines and do the things I love.  It did not hinder or negatively affect my daily living.  I could still get out to my wilderness cabin to enjoy camping and fishing, but was also able to incorporate my workouts while out at the lake.  I did this by using resistance tubing and suspension trainers attached to trees, lifting deep cycle batteries, logs, and portable generators body weight exercises like pistol squats etc.

Aaron doing Hardgainer Solution while roughin' it in the woods!

I was able to keep a balance, and not let the prep take over my life. I was also able to follow the diet as long as I planned and packed meals ahead of time.  Planned ahead meal prep was also required for two separate trips out of town, as opposed to eating out while in the city. The week of the show or peak week as some like to call it, the only change was that I worked out Monday to Friday, and all reps were between 15-20. There was no water manipulation at all and carbs were never cut throughout the process.

And the evening before the show, I had a 24 oz steak with 6 eggs and a baked potato. My meals the day of the show were just what my body was used to and kept meals the same as my regular diet.

By following coach's instructions and the HGS program I was show ready 2 weeks out and just cruised right into the show stress free and in the best condition I have ever been in… Easy peazie!”

Ange G

The woman who used Hardgainer Solution to help her recover from a serious car accident and help with the last few pounds of a 60-lb weight loss transformation*

* Although only the last few pounds were on HGS, all 60 lbs. were lost using Scott's diet principles we teach in the course.

Ange Before & After

» Hear Directly from Ange
“My name is Angela Golding.

I’m from Perth, in Western Australia, and I am 46 years old. Several years ago I was in a terrible car wreck that left me with a lot of injuries. Bad injuries. I also got very, very overweight. I start following Scott Abel’s diet principles from his various books and articles, and I was amazed at the results.

Since I started following Scott, I have lost about 60 lbs, and have kept it off for almost 9 years now.

I reached out to Scott to thank him for his diet info that helped me lose weight, and when he found out about all my injuries he suggested to me that I try his HGS workouts, whereas before I'd been doing mostly his MET workouts.

Between Scott's diet principles and these HGS workouts, the result is the after picture you see!

I was even asked to do a photo shoot with a modeling agency recently! And this as a 46-year-old lady who was once 60 lbs heavier and could hardly walk. I’m so happy, and I’m fit and I’m healthy. A lot of Scott's workouts, exercises and principles have got me where I am today and I'm so damn proud!!!”

What's Included in the Course?

Video Lectures

Video lectures covering both training and nutrition. You can't do “just” one or the other, so we teach you how to nail it with both.

Dozens of Exercise Videos

No matter how advanced you think you are, you will learn nuances and insights from Coach Scott Abel.

Exact Meal Plans to Download

Including information on which ones to pick for your calorie needs, and info on customizing them.

The Original Book

We recommend reading (or re-reading) the book AFTER going through the material. You'll absorb way more practical info this way.

All 80 workouts

Enough workouts to last a year. (Yes, you should do all 80! The reason why has to do with important research on hypertrophy.)

Access to Course Website

Easy online access all your learning materials from anywhere.

Just Some of the Topics Covered

The "Inside / Out Approach

The “Inside/Out” Approach is a framework for reading your own body’s signals and making decisions about your diet and training.

Real-World Bulking

Is a bulk right for you? Is it “necessary”? Or something to be avoided? Know if a bulk is right for you, and if so, how to do it successfully.


Formulas, guidelines, food groups, and more, to ensure you’re optimizing metabolism for success.

Real-Time Workout

This is key for learning about workout pacing, recovery, and calibrating your intensity levels.

Strategies for Plateaus

Plateaus are frustrating. They happen. Lean real-world, down-to-earth strategies for dealing with plateaus or lack of progress.

The Hardgainer Solution Complete Course is the ultimate workout program and course for trainees who are tired of empty promises, potions and quick fix scams.

This in-depth course, workout program and muscle-building blueprint is for the trainee who just wants to know what it REALLY takes in the REAL-WORLD (and who's willing to put in the work to make it happen).

Again, you will learn the actual strategies and frameworks for making real-world muscle gains used by experts. We've tried to include everything you need… and nothing you don't.


All 80 Workouts

There are actual reasons — both scientific research and decades of anecdotal evidence from the pros — that show why doing all 80 is key to getting the most neural activation of your type IIb muscle fibers you need.


Demos for every exercise

We don't care how “advanced” you are. You WILL learn subtle nuances that make some exercises effective or… a total waste of time.


The "Inside/Out Approach" to reading your body's signals

This is one of the key differences between Scott's approach. It's about YOUR body, not everyone else's. Your body will tell you when to take a day off, when to up the intensity of the program, or cut calories, or add calories, and so on.


Video lectures for all key concepts you NEED to know to succeed

Important concepts and frameworks that'll help guide you in your journey, and help you get it right the first time.


Information on when to bulk, when NOT to bulk, and how to do it

For some, a bulk is the worst thing they could do. For others (like Andy, above) it's absolutely necessary. Know where you fit in, and if a bulk is right for you, know how to do it.

Stop jumping around. Stop “program hopping” from one quick fix to the next.

You've found the solution.

Stop and just use it.

As Scott tells his coaching clients, “The program works if you work the program!”

This is your chance to learn exactly what you need, and to learn it from an expert. It's your chance to use a program that was expertly designed specifically for your real-world hardgainer needs.

Again: The program works if you work the program.

Use the ultimate hardgainer workout program and diet strategy.

…and make REAL PROGRESS.

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