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The Cycle Diet

“Have your cake and eat it too!”
Every day, with the foods you eat, and how you eat them, you are programming your metabolism.
How are you programming yours?

When you do things correctly, you can coax your metabolism into a state of “supercompensation mode,” so that massive cheat days actually benefit your metabolism and your physique.

The Cycle Diet is based on decades of experience, testing, tweaking, research — and success. Scott’s used it for himself, and for many of his top coaching clients.

Unlike other “cheat-to-lose” diet strategies that take a few studies out of context, the Cycle Diet is based both on the research and on actual experience. (Actually, a few years ago, Scott was approached by a researcher studying leptin who told Scott he was years ahead of the published research.)


The Cycle Diet

Complete Course

A complete video course designed to walk you through the entire process of dieting to get into Supercompensation Mode and implementing the Cycle Diet lifestyle.

The course includes everything from constructing your very first meal plan, to dieting to get into Supercompensation Mode, to reading and assessing your body's signals as you reach it, and finally experimenting with cheat days, then adapting the diet to fit your life.

The best thing about the cycle diet is the mental liberation of eating whatever you want not just guilt free, but with the positive mindset of knowing you're feeding your body

The cheat day is the best day of the week.  I start with two packs of bacon, sourdough dripping with butter, plus some pancakes covered in chocolate sauce, or covered in peanut butter or syrup (or sometimes all three), and I maybe add a pint of Ben & Jerry's or a cream cake to finish.

…and that's just breakfast!

Mark S

The results I have already achieved with the combination of the Cycle Diet, Innervation training, and MET/Hybrid training have been amazing and will only get better with time.

Scott goes above and beyond my expectations and continues to impress me with his dedication to his clients and his innovative approach to fitness.

Allen C

I have now been on the cycle diet for over a year and it honestly still blows my mind.

Every Sunday I eat ANYTHING I want and AS MUCH as I want. French toast, brownie sundaes, bread, and pasta are all my favorites and I generally get them all in on my cheat days. I also love that if I have something special coming up (family party, dinner with friends, etc) I can just switch my refeed day and enjoy whatever is going on.

Jessica W

Course Overview
Module 1. Intro & Theory

An introduction and the theory behind how and why the Cycle Diet works. This provides an overview of the entire process, from building your first meal plan to transitioning to full-on Cycle Dieting.


Lesson 1. Overview of the Cycle Diet

Lesson 2. The Background of the Cycle Diet

Lesson 3. The Two Criteria of Every Successful Diet

Lesson 4. The Immediate, the Residual, and the Cumulative Effects of Time

Lesson 5. The Goal of the Cycle Diet

Lesson 6. The Importance of “Biofeedback”

Lesson 7. Can I Get Lean on the Cycle Diet?

Lesson 8. Tales from the Cycle Diet

Module 2. Case Studies

We look at several case studies illustrating how the Cycle Diet can be applied in practice, and how it can change depending on the trainee.


Lesson 1. Andy and Other High-End Physique Artists

Lesson 2. Paulo's Busy Career

Lesson 3. JP's Amazing Before and Afters

Lesson 4. Lisa, Who Needed to GAIN Weight

Lesson 5. Annie's “Secret”!

Lesson 6. Aimie's Post-Cheat Meal Weight Loss

Module 3. Constructing Your Meal Plan

In-depth tutorial videos on constructing a custom meal plan for your regular diet days. This will be the meal plan you use to get into Supercomp, and to maintain supercomp on any “non” cheat day.


Lesson 1. General Principles of Constructing a Meal Plan

Lesson 2. How Many Meals Should I Eat?

Lesson 3. Relative vs. Absolute Calorie Deficits

Lesson 4. Signs You're in an Absolute Deficit

Lesson 5. Starting Calorie Formulas

Lesson 6. Adjusting Calories As You Go

Lesson 7. Cosmetically UNfriendly Foods

Lesson 8. Cosmetically FRIENDLY Foods

Lesson 9. The Glycemic Index

Lesson 10. Where do I find out the calories for foods?

Module 4. Getting Into Supercompensation Mode

Everything you need to know about “Supercompensation Mode.” How to get into it, how to read your body and know when you’re approaching it, and more.


Lesson 1. Supercompensation: General Overview

Lesson 2. Supercomp: The Nitty Gritty

Lesson 3. How Long Does It Take to Get Into Supercomp?

Lesson 4. Can I Just Have a Few Cheat Meals Throughout the Week?

Lesson 5. Different “Levels” of Supercompensation

Lesson 6. Biofeedback Signs You’re In Supercomp

Lesson 7. What to Do If Progress Stalls

Module 5. Cheat Days

Experimenting with different forms of cheats (meals, half day cheats, full day cheats, and full days + spike) as you get into Supercomp and transition into full-on Cycle Dieting.


Lesson 1. Experimenting With Your First Cheat

Lesson 2. What to Expect ON Your First Cheat Day

Lesson 3. What to Expect AFTER A Cheat

Lesson 4. Signs Your First Cheat Day Went Well

Lesson 5. Gaining Water Weight Is Okay!

Lesson 6. A Tip for Your Cheat Days

Lesson 7. Transitioning to Regular Cycle Dieting as a Lifestyle

Lesson 8. Adjusting Your Calories or Meal Plan After Implementing the Refeeds

Lesson 9. When to Add in the Mid-Week Spike in ADDITION to the Full Cheat Day

Module 6. Cycle Dieting As A Lifestyle

This module covers mindset, longterm success, and adapting the Cycle Diet to different lifestyles, needs, and goals.


Lesson 1. The Ideal Mindset for the Cycle Diet

Lesson 2. Three MORE Mindsets to Adopt to Thrive on the Cycle Diet

Lesson 3. What All Successful Cycle Dieters Have in Common

Lesson 4. How People Sabotage the Cycle Diet

Lesson 5. The Hardest Part of the Cycle Diet… and What to Do About It

Lesson 6. Principles for Staying Lean Year-Round with the Cycle Diet

Lesson 7. Adding Muscle with the Cycle Diet (pt. 1 – TRAINING)

Lesson 8. Adding Muscle with the Cycle Diet (pt. II – DIET)

The Cycle Diet is the diet strategy that Scott Abel used for decades to keep himself and his clients near photoshoot ready, year-round.

The Cycle Diet is based on years of experience, testing, tweaking, and research. Scott's used it for himself, and for many of his top coaching clients.

Unlike other “cheat-to-lose” diet strategies that take a few studies out of context, the Cycle Diet is based both on the research and on actual experience. Several years ago Scott was approached by a researcher studying leptin who told Scott he was years ahead of the published research.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I lose fat on the Cycle Diet?

Yes and no. We want to be honest here, so pay attention.

First, let's examine two scenerios:

Scenario 1.

You're fairly lean, and Cycle Dieting with regular Cheat Days:

Yes, in this case, if you do it right, many people over time you can lose fat on the Cycle Diet. This occurs as your body adapts and you get leaner, or you put on more muscle. If you're having cheat days, it's very slow. Although Scott doesn't like the term, this would be akin to what most people in the fitness industry call “re-comping,” or trying to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. It's possible, but it is very slow.

What this means is that if you want to lose fat ASAP on the Cycle Diet, then either you'll have to cut out some of the cheat days and cheat meals, or play with your diet days' calories and be very, very patient.

When and how to implement cheat days on a fat loss diet is dependent on your own body and what it is telling you. Some people need a massive cheat day just a few weeks out from a bodybuilding competition. Other people will need fewer energy spikes. One of Scott's principles is that the diet should fit the client, not the other way around.

Scenario 2.

You still have 20 lbs. or more to lose

The simple reality here is that you won't be using the cheat days until you've lose a fair amount of that weight. In order for the cheat days to be beneficial, you must train your metabolism, and part of doing this is leaning out.

Most “cheat day” diets promise nonsense like, “Oh, just add in a cheat day,” or “Just add it in after you go low-carb for __ number of days.” The former is just not living in the real world, and the latter is trying to force your body into Supercomp instead of coaxing it. This won't work in the long-term.

Cheat days only work if you've put in the time to train your metabolism. The bulk of the book and the course is about how to do this.

The GOOD NEWS here is that the meal plans and action steps for “getting into” supercomp where you can enjoy massive cheat days also function as sound advice for a practical, useful diet strategy to lose fat.



If you want to lose fat, these products will definitely help you, but if you have significant weight to lose, you won't be implementing the cheat days until later on.

How can insanely huge cheat days be "good" for your physique?

Before you begin having regular large energy spikes and cheat meals, you put your body into “supercompensation mode.”

When you're in this mode, your metabolism is hungry for that extra energy, and it “supercompensates” your energy stores, but not your fat stores. This requires coaxing your metabolism into a supercompensation state.

Once you get going with regular spikes, it’s amazing how easy and fun this diet is… but you do have to get into supercompensation mode. You won’t have a big cheat day your third day on the diet. Anyone selling a “cheat to lose” diet along those lines is lying to you. We would sell more products if we could promise that, but we can't.

This diet is real. It has been used by regular people, by champion natural bodybuilders, by figure competitors, and by Scott  himself. It has been tested over the course of decades. It can be used by anyone willing to pay attention to Scott’s principles.

What do I eat for the rest of the week?

You eat according to a diet days' meal plan that has several options for each meal.

This is explained in the book and the course. There are very simple formulas for calculating your daily calories, and simple guidelines for putting together your meals and meal options. Example meal plans are also included.

You certainly do not have to eat some insane low calorie, low-carb ketogenic diet. The meal plan is a moderate, sustainable diet filled with all three macronutrients, and it does not exclude food groups.

Can I really eat whatever I want on a cheat day?

Yes, but you don't just add in a cheat day until your body is ready.

When your body is in “Supercompensation Mode” eating an extra 10,000 calories is good for you and your body, because your body “supercompensates” its energy stores.

That said, you should not force feed yourself to see how much you can eat. You eat to feel satisfied, not “stuffed” or full.

How do I know this works?

Put simply: because it's been tested and proven time and again with Scott himself and with his clients — for thirty years.

(Yes, he's been doing this far longer than most “cheat to lose” diet books out there that came into fashion a couple years ago.)

The reason this works is because you coax your body into supercompensation mode. You have to do it right. You don't just add in a cheat day. And yes, this takes consistency — you have to stick to the diet on the diet days. The Cycle Diet is still “a diet.”

Again: no, you cannot just randomly add a cheat day into your diet. That's silly.

This diet is based on getting your body into exactly the right state. This diet is proven, fun, and sustainable.

Course Bonuses
Bonus #1
The Original Science Behind the Cycle Diet

The Original Science Behind the Cycle Diet shows the original presentation that Scott delivered at a SWIS symposium. The course lays out the complete “how to,” and this presentation condenses a lot of it into 60 minutes.

You'll also be able to see how some of Scott's ideas have evolved since the original presentation.

Bonus #2
Permanent Weight Loss

Permanent Weight Loss argues that it isn’t about finding just the right diet, or just the right recipes, or the absolute perfect exercise program. Making the transition from “weight loss tourist” to “permanent resident” is about changing your approach to diets and dieting; it’s about devising a personal diet strategy that is sustainable, reasonable, and effective, and then staying committed to the process of weight loss.

This book is included for those who discover they aren’t “ready” for the Cycle Diet. Maybe they still have emotional eating issues. Maybe they still wrestle with binge eating. The principles of dieting with healthy whole foods in a relative caloric deficit are sound physiological principles, but if there’s mindset stuff standing in your way, this book will help!

Bonus #3
Beyond Metabolism

In discussing “why” the Cycle Diet is designed the way it is, you will often hear Scott refer to the “modern world of food abundance” and how the diet is designed to allow you to “live in the real world.”

Beyond Metabolism addresses that modern world of food abundance we live in, and why a diet must address the fact that hyper-palatable foods exist, and our brains are trained to crave them.

Bonus #4
Abel Dietary Principles MP3s

In this MP3 interview, Scott takes on established “givens” of modern diet practices and shows them to be false and/or incomplete. Learn new ways to look at calories and new ways of looking at the weight scale.

Discover how to break the bonds of traditionalism in order to forge a new understanding and a greater knowledge of diet and diet principles. This is an empowering and thought-provoking treatise that will transform the way you think about diet, diet strategy, specific food stuffs, and — even more controversially — the way you think about supplements.

Bonus #5
The Truth About Food MP3s

Think about food in ways you’ve never considered. If you are interested in diets and dieting, or you are a trainer, a coach, or someone regularly asked to give diet advice, this project is for you.

You will learn:

  • How your eating lifestyle is globally connected.
  • What various cultures and cultural studies can teach us about food.
  • The psychology of food and eating, emotions and rewards.
    Learn the hard-to-face reality about the connection between food and the planet earth.
  • Learn the difference of energy content of food measured in calories, vs. the energy content of food in terms of vitality.
  • Uncover the connection of your own “suspension of disbelief” in terms of how you perceive food and diet.
  • Find out the deep connection between marketing and science that determines how we think about food.
  • Learn the difference in mindsets of cosmetic food awareness and moral food awareness.
Bonus #6
The Truth About Diet MP3s

Unlike most other industry experts and their unwavering loyalty to reductionist science, Scott makes the connection between diet and diet psychology.

You will learn:

  • An understanding of metabolic set points and metabolic expression
  • The weakness of looking at diets in narrow windows of time
  • An understanding of what true diet balance really is
  • A look at hunger and why it’s important
  • Making connections with various diet choices
  • Counter-intuitive diet strategies and their problematic consequences
  • The truth about ketogenic diets
  • The glycogen connection between diet success and training success (important for Cycle Diet!)
Bonuses Combined Value:
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3.5 hours of video lessons as Scott shows your the complete process of implementing the diet

Sample meal plans and resources, access to course website.

Learn to adapt and tweak the diet to make it part of a sustainable, enjoyable lifestyle.

Enjoy the cheat days and overfeeds, then simply not have to think about food for the rest of the week.

"I’m able to stay lean and hard year round while still making improvements to my physique." - Andy Sinclair

"I use the cycle diet to stay in shape and enjoy indulgent foods without guilt or further worries. In other words: maintaining a balance." - Lallana Jorgensen

"I initially gained a lot more muscle, but without the usual bodyfat accumulation — about 10 lbs over the first 4 months, which was very impressive having already trained for over 10 years at that point." - Don Rose

"I’m able to stay lean and hard year round while still making improvements to my physique." - Andy Sinclair

"I use the cycle diet to stay in shape and enjoy indulgent foods without guilt or further worries. In other words: maintaining a balance." - Lallana Jorgensen

"I initially gained a lot more muscle, but without the usual bodyfat accumulation — about 10 lbs over the first 4 months, which was very impressive having already trained for over 10 years at that point." - Don Rose

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