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Muscle density and the weight of gold

Physique Transformation

I still shake my head at what passes for “knowledge” when it comes to building muscle and a better physique.

For example: which of these is heavier: a lb of feathers or a lb of solid gold? What would your answer be?

Most people know the answer to this riddle: a pound is a pound, and mass is different than weight.

Recently at a local fitness “certification” seminar the teacher claimed that “muscle weighs more than fat.” Really? The actual instructor for the course made this statement! And people wonder why I think certification is a joke and an embarrassment.

I did a video series on my Youtube channel explaining to you what you need to know about muscle density, tissue saturation and other important factors that lead to such a faulty industry tag-line like “muscle weighs more than fat.”

This video series should explain to you all you need to know regarding the reality of this topic. Hopefully this “certification” leader sees this as well.