Can you stop a binge eating episode right in the middle of it?

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One question I often get is “how to stop a binge.” Truthfully, stopping a binge right in the middle of it is very difficult. However, there are exercises and strategies you can use to create cognitive disruption and stop the binge-eating habit over time.

Binge eating is caused by neural events. It is a habit, and it takes a habit to break a habit. 

In the above video, I discuss all this.

You will also learn:

0:15 – Why it is so difficult to stop a binge in the middle of it.

0:30 – The importance of habits.

1:00 – Negative habits and positive habits.

1:52 – Using journaling and emotional strength and conditioning to create cognitive disruption and self-discovery.

4:05 – The importance of using the rational mind to focus on the solution instead of the emotional mind to focus on the problem.

5:30 – The process of stopping binging, and what it’s really like.

6:25 – The underlying payoff or “secondary gain” of the binge episode. (I.e. What’s really going on?)

6:39 – An example client who used journaling to successfully deal with her EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified)

8:26 – Three Journaling Prompts you can use now to start dealing directly with bingeing.

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