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The Hardgainer Solution is now on Amazon, and is being featured by Buck Books today

Physique Transformation

hardgainer-solution-homepageMy new book, The Hardgainer Solution, is now available on Amazon!

And what's more: it's not “$49.99” or “$29.99” or anything like that.

It is exactly $0.99.

Yes. 99 cents.

This is a special 99 cent promotion just for the launch.

(Extra special thanks to the guys at for featuring the book today. If you're a big reader, please go go check them out, and subscribe while you're there for awesome book deals every day.)

Here is the table of contents for The Hardgainer Solution.

The Hardgainer Solution

Part 1: The Truth About Hardgainers and the Logic Behind This Program

• “Are You a Hardgainer?” and the Hardgainer Dilemma
• Why the Hardgainer Solution Will Work For You
• One of My First True “Tests” of the Hardgainer Solution
• Why What You’ve Been Told About Training is Fundamentally Flawed
• “Heavier is Better” is a Myth
• Strength Density Training for Maximum Hypertrophy
• Bill Pearl and Beyond: Secrets from the Golden Age
• Enter Whole Body Training for Hardgainer Success
• Peripheral Heart Action Training and Why Its So Effective
• The Reps Schemes That Will Make You Grow
• The Right Workout Pace For Success
• The Importance of Undertraining. Yes, UNDERtraining.
• Conclusion

Part 2: The Hardgainer’s Workout Solution

• The Most Neglected Part of Training
• Warm Up Sequencing and Execution
• Important General Notes
• The Benefits of Post-Workout Stretching
• Following the HGS Program
• Performing Complexes the Right Way
• How to Get the Most Out of Every Single Workout (The Rules of Application)

Part 3: The Hardgainer’s Diet Solution

• Training Your Metabolism for Success
• The Diet Solution “Formula”
• Suggestions to Further Optimize Your Metabolism
• How (and When) to Add in Extra Calories
• Diet Biofeedback and Rules of Application
• Guidelines for All Meal Plans
• Acceptable Food Sources

Part 4: The Complete List of Workouts and Diet Plans

• Complete List of Workouts
• Complete List of Meal Plans

Part 5: Extras

• Bonuses (Links)
• Learn More (and thanks!)

If you're salivating to read it, you can get a copy of The Hardgainer Solution now right here.

If you do like the book, and you want to see more of my books on Amazon, I'd really appreciate an Amazon review of it!
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