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Food issues: How to stop worrying about upcoming social events, weekends, and holidays


Watch the Video:

Another of the most common kind of questions I get is from clients who have a social engagement of some kind coming up that they're worried about:

  • A dinner out with friends.
  • An office work party.
  • A vacation
  • Simply time off your regular schedule (weekends)
  • Etc.

It's often framed as, “Scott, I have a dilemma.”

This video addresses how to stop worrying so much about the food temptations that are associated with these things. Can you do it? Yes, of course. Most people don't! But if you have a food issue, the reality is it will be harder because of those neural connections in the brain that have been established. That's fine, but it means we need to deal with it rationally, and there are exercises you can do to do this.


In the video:

1:05 – The kind of mentality that will never solve this issues.

2:00 – How to look at food and diet in another way, as a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself.

2:35 – Going beyond being “on” or “off” a diet.

3:05 – Several “Desensitization Exercises” you can use to deal with cravings and tempting foods.

4:55“Cognitive Exercises” and “self-directed thought” to teach you your options, and the control you have, in regards to thinking about food temptations.

7:40 – Conclusion