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Bodyweight “Mancave” Circuit


As of late, and since we’ve been recording a massive library of exercises, exercise sequences, and of course the Flexible Fitness Workouts/Training Product in the home gym dungeon, many people have been writing me asking me for more

Many of you have been stating how you don’t have a dungeon or have any equipment at all and what are you supposed to do.

Others are writing to tell me you just aren’t far enough along yet to be using external resistance like resistance bands and DB’s and my favorite, the dual axis cable machine.

And sometimes I take for granted that while I can see a hundred yards down the road in terms up of options, other people cannot. So – we put together this bodyweight program on the spur of the moment – and check out how effective and versatile it is.

This Bodyweight Workout hits all body parts effectively and it can be done anytime, anywhere, using nothing but a towel. It can either be done as a straights sets workout, which I highly recommend – or it can even be done as a circuit 3 X’s through.

But as straight sets, its 3 sets of every exercise for the reps listed before moving on to the next exercise.

If your concerns are more for metabolic training and fat burning then do the workout as a circuit.

But if you are doing this format twice per week, you could also do it once as a straight-sets whole body body part workout, then the next time do it as a circuit – very versatile

1a) BW Split Squat or Bulgarian Split Squat X’s 12-20 EL
1b) BW Single Leg Split Stiff Leg Deadlift Reach X’s 15-20 EL
2) Superman Position Towel Pulldowns to Front X’s 12-15
3) Towel Thumbs Up Front Shoulder Raises X’s 12-15
4a) Push Ups, hardest version you can handle X’s 10-15
4b) Arms Fully Extended Clap Position Isometric Chest Squeeze (can use a book) X’s slow 20 count
5) Towel Biceps Curls with Triceps Pushdowns Counter Resistance X’s 12-15 EA
6a) Two Leg Glutes/Hip Bridges or Thrusts X’s 15-20
6b) Frogger (aka Butterfly) Leg Raises* X’s 15-20

* Any Sit ups or Leg Raise or Crunch Variation is fine for 6b) AND 6 does not have to be a biplex – it can be split separately into 6 and then 6b) would become exercise 7 after completing all sets of the glutes thrusts

Keys for Creating Your Own Workouts

Hit every bodypart at least once each workout

  • Chest, Back, Legs, Shoulders, Arms, Abs/Core
  • If for any reason you can hit a given bodypart with a bit more oomph (because of your situation, the equipment you have on hand, etc.) do try to vary which bodypart gets that extra oomph each workout.

Use variety and keep things balanced

  • Change range and plane of motion.
  • Consider isometrics. It adds a different stimulus, which… stimulates a new adaptive response.
  • Add variations from day-to-day that you can.
    • Examples:
      • For Chest, push-ups with different hand placement, pushups with one foot in the air.
      • For Legs, bodyweight squats vs split leg work (lunges, split squats, etc.)

Using the Dumbbell Matrix

  • You can do the dumbbell matrix once or twice a week (and no more) instead of the regular workouts.
  • The dumbbell matrix is involved enough that two milk jugs with water/sand is more than enough for 99% of people; some people can get a lot out of it literally just with their hands.

Creating a 5 or 6-day program

  • You can create a solid half-whole body / half-bodypart program by subbing in different isolated metabolic blasts in exchange for load as the first “exercise” of each day:
  • Day 1 – Legs – first “exercise” is quad blast, then you hit other body parts
  • Day 2 – Chest – first “exercise” is chest blast, then you hit other body parts
  • Day 3 – Back – first “exercise” is back blast, then you hit other body parts
  • Day 4 – Shoulders – first “exercise” is shoulder partner blast, then you hit other body parts
  • Day 5 – Arms – “first exercise” is partner
  • Day 6 – DB Matrix and only the DB Matrix (Note: THIS WOULD BE VERY ADVANCED)

★★ The other bodyparts can be done in straight sets or as a full circuit.