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8 – What Progress Looks Like

Jan 13, 2020


This episode was based on a coaching client email Scott received that indicated what progress looks like. It's not just a before and after photo. It's about letting go of JOMO, not worrying at all about the scale, not being shamed based on what the weight scale says, and things like that.

Most of the discussion was about unpacking the hows and whys of these four main indicators of progress from the email:

1. the writer understands that worrying about the 0.4 lbs on the weight scale was silly, and that what [popular diet program] was doing was actually wrong and damaging;

2. they understand the corollary to the first point, i.e., that losing too much scale weight can actually be bad and lead to rebounds;

3. they don’t experience JOMO;

4. they seem to enjoy their plan and feel as though they’re in a good place.