What Scott Requires for Coaching

The upfront fee of $1500 CANADIAN FUNDS must be done by Bank Transfer. Please contact orders@scottabel.com for bank information and to set up automatic withdrawals of $100 CDN on your Visa or Master Card.

The following information should be sent in the body of an email:

  • Give Scott a breakdown of your current training regimen and how long you have been following it.
  • Your vital stats: height, age, weight.
  • A brief breakdown of your lifestyle and lifestyle stressors.
  • A detailed 3 day diet – current history.
  • Provide information on how many days per week you can realistically workout and for how many hours per training day.
  • A breakdown of your training goals: physique transformation, get fit, feel more energetic, gain muscle, lose fat, get strong etc…
  • Pictures of yourself from front side and back.
  • List any injuries or medical conditions and medications which may affect training protocol.
The Abel Starter Set... FREE!

The Abel Starter Set... FREE!

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