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Scott is now retired and working with existing clients only. For any inquiries, or if you're interested in a legacy product, please email Scott.

Program Design Masterclass

If you are a fitness coach or personal trainer, this masterclass will teach you to separate yourself out from the crowd and deliver amazing, tangible results to your clients.
…by learning the  art & science 
of  expert program design.
…by learning the  art & science  of  expert program design.

What if you had a secret weapon that could help you design programs better than almost anyone else in the fitness industry?

…and what if that weapon wasn't some marketing gimmick, but simply… real, tangible EXPERTISE?

Think back to when you yourself were on an awesome training program that truly delivered on its promise. You felt amazing, you experienced amazing results, and everything just… clicked.

Those results and that feeling probably didn't last forever (the human body adapts, so no single program can last forever), but as the program was winding down, you probably would have done anything to get that feeling again, right? And to experience those same results?

Now imagine if your clients felt the same way.

And, because you are delivering such amazing results, you're getting more referrals, more word-of-mouth, and your clients are happy to send you a testimonial or a picture to showcase your results.

Back in the 1980s, that's exactly what happened for program design expert Coach Scott Abel, when he first became really serious about learning program design.

While he was still pursuing his university work, Scott started spending time at the university library, reading through both the most recent as well as much older, forgotten studies on things like muscle fiber recruitment, ranges and planes of motion and hypertrophy. And Scott experimented, and he talked to mentors who'd been designing programs “in the trenches” for years (like Bill Pearl), and he got into really understanding the nuances, the art, and the science of program design.

And as his early clients started achieving amazing results and winning local bodybuilding shows, more and more clients started coming to him for Scott's programs, because they couldn't be had anywhere else.

Ironically, many new clients all wanted to know the secret behind “Scott's program,” but the real secret was that different clients got different programs and that is why the programs worked so well for those clients, and why the other local trainers couldn't just steal one of them and get the same results (which they tried).

Using what he learned, Scott made a name for himself, and built a career and a reputation that got him featured in magazines, invited to lecture and teach at Muscle Camp, SWIS, bodybuilding shows, universities, and allowed him to get big name clients like Ben Pakulski, Trish Stratus and others, and has allowed him to charge higher prices and earn six figures in coaching income for multiple decades.

What separates a good program from a GREAT one?

Now let's go back to that experience of being on a program that just felt absolutely 100% “right.”

Think back for a moment as to why that was.

It probably wasn't because it had the “best” exercises, or because it had some secret gimmick behind it, right?

No, of course not.

The program felt like an amazing experience because it was the right program for you, and it was the right program for you at that time.

Even if it wasn't customized to you (although if it wasn't… now imagine if it had been!) it was the right program for you at that time.

It probably didn't try to baffle you with needless complication. It just did what it needed to do.

In fact, the best programs are often not overly complex, but elegant in their simplicity.

That's what expert design and customization is all about, and that's what this course is designed to teach you.

When you design your next program, what if you could use the art and science of program design strategies that were handed to you by an industry expert, so that you could know exactly how to give your clients a better experience than they could get anywhere else?

After you learn these skills, you will effortlessly design programs that instantly make clients feel invigorated, excited, and eager to sign up for more. People are tired of gimmicks and false promises. Instead, give your clients real expertise and they will respect you, understand the true value of what you offer, and why you're worth more than any of the “other” trainers out there.

While those other trainers are still frantically chasing gimmicks and the next vogue trend, you can be calmly and expertly delivering the best programs in the industry as you build a business and real reputation for excellence.

When your next client comes to you for a program…

Think about what happens when you have a new client.

Maybe you put them on a very basic beginner program or a 5 X 5 program. Maybe you use some of the popular ones out on the Internet, or ones from the gym.

What if — instead — you were able to use the same process Scott does when he gets a new client?

Here's what happens when Scott gets a new client:

Scott has the client fill out a needs assessment package. This is a series of questions about the client's goals, the client's lifestyle, their current training, and things like that. It's not a fancy marketing package and it hasn't really changed much at all in thirty years. (In fact, it's purposely left a bit “basic” so that Scott can see how the client provides the information: what info they include, what they do or do not choose to talk about, that sort of thing.)

Using this assessment, Scott turns to his personal collection of expert programs he's designed over the years.

All of the programs in that collection are designed around a theme. Sometimes that theme is a bit too specific for general application (e.g., a program built around accommodating a specific injury for a specific client), and sometimes a program isn't “quite” perfect… yet.

So Scott considers a few options. He might decide on one program, but tweak it a bit first — maybe it had a bit too much volume, or emphasized this bodypart instead of that bodypart.

Scott might make a few quick tweaks, then sends it over… usually with a few specific application instructions to the client, given their goals and level of experience.

If he likes what he saw, or was reminded of something, he might make a new program from scratch. Or he might adapt the program heavily, because hey, now his brain's really going, and that's how you build up a hugely versatile personal collection like this in the first place!

Building up and referencing a personal collection of customized programs like this is how you know you are always prepared for any kind of client, whatever their goals and needs.

While the “other trainers” are giving every client the same program, you can calmly and confidently reference your own personal collection, make a subtle (yet important) tweak here and there, and hand that off instead.

You can charge higher prices because, frankly, although cookie-cutter personal trainers are a dime of dozen, this kind of customization and expertise is rare, and it is worth premium prices.

Your clients will appreciate the customization when they see it, and they'll truly appreciate it once they dig into their program and experience it for themselves.

That's what this course is designed to teach you.

Register now and learn the art and science of expert program design.

What's Inside?

The Course Website

When you register, you'll get sent access to the online course website, where you can begin by downloading the complete Abel Approach, navigate around the website, get the free resources and the course bonuses, before finally digging into the Core Modules.

The Core Modules

The core video modules are the “meat” of the course. Learn the most important principles and strategies for designing programs. You'll learn Program Design 101, analyze 8 different programs (plus their variations) in-depth, learn the principles of innervation training, and breakdown and change programs in real time.

The Program Vault

Get a head start on building your personal collection of porgrams. The Program Vault is where you can download over twenty of Scott's programs for yourself. And, even better: Scott discusses many of the programs in the Core Modules, so you'll know exactly which programs are good for which kind of client, and how you can adapt and customize them for specific needs.

The Facebook Group

Get support from other coaches and trainers who value the art and science of program design, just like you. Scott also helps, answering questions and providing feedback. You can discuss elements of the course with other students, whether this means discussing a specific module or lesson, or keeping up to date on the latest research. We also post new accouncements here whenever there is new content to the course.

The Abel Approach & Exclusive Discussion

The 350+ page book, The Abel Approach (plus all six of its workout programs), comes included with course access, but in the Masterclass Resources section we've included an extra MP3 discussion where Scott discusses his changing views on volume, the role of MET vs. bodypart training, and more. It emphasizes the key concepts, and places them in context.

The Course Bonuses

Learn more about these below, but since this is a premium course, we've included a number of high-value bonuses to help students. These weren't just chosen at random, either. They were chosen because they will help you get much more out of the course.

Learn the art & science of Expert, Effective program design

Video Analyses and Discussion

Scott digs into several of his programs and talks about some of the principles that the program includes. He discusses the genesis of the program, suggests tweaks for volume, and ways in which the program both can and can’t be tweaked. (What variations are “sound”? Which variations would “break” the basic principles?)

Access the "Program Vault"

Get new, never seen before workout plans to add to your personal collection. Pick the ones that work for you, based on your body and your needs (or your clients’). Learn the principles, then tweak and compare the programs, using them “as is” or as starter templates for your own designs.

See Program(s) Evolution

Learn how certain programs have evolved over time. Scott’s opinions on volume and workload capacity have changed, and that accounts for the new versions of 5-Day MET. For example, the foundations of The Hardgainer Solution are there in Whole Body Hypertrophy. Once you learn to identify the principles that have stayed constant, your options for personal program design become endless.

Just Some of the Workout Plans Included in the Vault

3-Day MET/Hybrid "Flex" Program

A unique 3-day program that is extremely flexible and adaptable — for bodybuilding, for people just after better health, for sports athletes, and more.

The program includes exercise options as well as sample days where all the options are picked for you. (Several of the programs in the masterclass are like this.)

5-Day Legs/Glute Focus Program

This is an advanced, targeted program with a leg and glute focus, specifically for trainees who need to bring up these bodyparts.

This is a 5-day program that uses extremely unique rep schemes, plus a full “circuit day” of leg training in addition to the other leg days. Again, this is a very unique, very advanced program.

Two 4-Day Quadplex Program(s)

These are two programs organized around a quadplex structure: one is a bodypart program, while the other is MET-based.

In addition to these programs, there is a 45-minute video going through them to analyse how one turned into the other: which internal program structures stayed constant, which ones changed, and so on.

Two New “5-Day MET” Variations
(There is actually a module in the course where Scott creates these variations in real time.)

The 5 Day MET Video is worth gold. So many great ideas! Can't thank you enough Scott Abel for doing this class!

– Masterclass Student

The Original 5-Day MET

This is easily Scott's most advanced program. It's five days of intense metabolic enhancement training, and extremely high volume.

Saying the volume is “too high” isn't a marketing gimmick. We genuinely don't think people should be on this program, and that's why the variations are included. But we're including the original here for the sake of your understanding of volume and the upper limits of what's possible.

5-Day MET - Variation 1 (NEW)

The original 5-Day MET… revised and updaed to account for volume and workload capacity.

How can you keep the original internal “structure” that provided the “glue” for the original 5-Day MET, but account for changes in volume? If you just subtract random exercises, you'll destroy the program. But when you follow along and see how Scott does it, you'll start to see the nuance of proper design.

5-Day MET - Variation 2 (NEW)

This is like variation 1, but with a different distribution of volume and metabolic work.

The point here — again — is to show you that when you make changes like this, if you understand the principles, you have multiple options. If you don't understand those principles, or learn to pay attention to them, you'll just destroy perfectly good programs.

Students in the masterclass will get access to some of Scott's other programs as he releases them

(…or even before)

The Hardgainer Solution

All 80 individual workouts, with discussions and explanation on the program design, who it's for, and more.

Whole Body Hypertrophy

A hugely demanding, high-level MET program.

6-Day Physique After 50

How do you balance the recovery demands of age for an otherwise advanced trainee?

3-Day Physique After 50

For clients starting later in life, save their joints but deliver results.

Your First Proper 6-Day Program

Learn how to add volume without it being “junk” volume.

3-Day "Beginner" Ultimate Figure

Keep the structure of the original UFP, but give it to clients not yet at a high level.

TWO 4-Day Quadplex Program

Just added. See how a single structure can apply to two types of training (MET vs. innervation).

...and more, all in the Program Vault

Students in the masterclass will get access to some of Scott's other programs as he releases them

(…or even before)

The Hardgainer Solution

All 80 individual workouts, with discussions and explanation on the program design, who it's for, and more.

Whole Body Hypertrophy

A hugely demanding, high-level MET program.

6-Day Physique After 50

How do you balance the recovery demands of age for an otherwise advanced trainee?

3-Day Physique After 50

For clients starting later in life, save their joints but deliver results.

Your First Proper 6-Day Program

Learn how to add volume without it being “junk” volume.

3-Day "Beginner" Ultimate Figure

Keep the structure of the original UFP, but give it to clients not yet at a high level.

TWO 4-Day Quadplex Program

Just added. See how a single structure can apply to two types of training (MET vs. innervation).

...and more, all in the Program Vault

Masterclass Bonus #1
Abel Training Principles
Learn 10 Simple, sound training Principles

Principles You Can Use in Your Training Today

Listen to the MP3s at Your Leisure


Includes Abel Training Principles "Cheat Sheet"

Masterclass Bonus #2
The 5-Day MET Video Series
Five Videos Showing REAL High-Level Training

Watch the MET training sequences and circuits "in real time"

Includes all the workouts in the "full" version.

Get tips and advice from Scott throughout the five videos.

Learn the difference between program strategy and its tactical application

Get Access to Private Facebook Group

After working with Scott I can attest to the statement that he is the “best” and that if you (the reader) are looking to be your best I’d highly recommend Scott. Thank you Scott!

Jacqueline Gallagher

Figure Competitor

Tell Scott I’m a firm fan. His book ‘clicked’ with me, and my client base is loving it so much they can’t help but refer!!! I’m the most expensive trainer in Pakistan/India and I don’t have ANY room for new people!

Amir Siddiqui

Owner, Symmetry Gym, Dubai

It wasn’t until I found out about Scott that I realized how much I was missing. With Scott’s guidance along the way I know I will be able to achieve things I once thought were impossible.

Allen Cress

Owner, Maximum Performance Training, LLC

Scott’s methods and principles on coaching and program design have propelled my career beyond what I could ever imagine.

Shara Vigeant

Owner, SVPT Fitness

As a scout and a member of management in a professional sports team I am often on the road for two weeks at a time criss crossing the country and the US, and scouting tournaments in Europe as well. Scott's knowledge is unequalled by anyone in the game of fitness and he helps me do the best I can with such a hectic schedule.

Trevor Timmins

Vice President of Player Personnel, Montreal Canadiens

Modules & Lessons Include

Program Design "from Scratch"

Where do you start? What comes first, the design, the trainee, the theme? Scott provides a blueprint for designing programs, and then assessing which programs go with which trainee, and when to tweak or adjust or create a new program.

In-Depth Program Analysis

Scott looks at his programs and discusses their design, their genesis and application. Learn which ones are flexible, which ones are specific to trainees, and why. You can also use these as blueprints for new programs, or use ideas in the videos to apply to existing programs you're working on.

"In-Real-Time" Program Modifications

Scott digs into existing programs and shows how they can be modified or tweaked, while still adhering to the basics internal logic of the original program. The videos illustrate the differences as they happen in real time, the “logic” of the exercise sequencing, and more.

Principles of Innervation

Learn the principles of innervation, muscle activation and progress that you need to keep in mind when designing programs. This is all about what progress really looks like, and what it takes to sculpt a physique (yours, your clients') in the real world, in real time frames.

And more...

Who this Masterclass is for
I'm not a personal trainer. Can I use this course?
Yes, absolutely.

Many of our students signed up simply because they're interested in program design, and wanted to learn some of Scott's techniques and strategies.

I don't train "bodybuilders." Can I use this course?
Yes! The programs in the course are not specific to bodybuilders. Many students are trainers who work with real people who lack even basic fitness. The principles, strategies, and course is still 100% relevant.

There is an emphasis on what Scott calls “cosmetic enhancement.” That is, most clients will want to “lose weight” or — basically — look better naked.. The programs and discussions cater to this, although there is discussion of functional training and metabolic training, and their place in your programming.

So is this course for everyone?
No! Definitely not.

This course is NOT for you if…

You Just Want a Course on the Marketing:

This is NOT a marketing course. If you're just looking for marketing help, look elsewhere. We believe this will help you propel your career, but it it will do that by allowing you to provide value.

You can absolutely “leverage” the concepts in this course for your own marketing (hint: clients want and will pay more for custom programming), but you have to take action on that to make it work. Also, this kind of marketing works best when it's true, and you actually are providing high-value custom solutions. This masterclass, though, is about actually providing those custom solutions… how you market them is up to you!

This masterclass is for people who have a real passion for training and program design.

You're a Complete Beginner:

This course is designed to make good trainers into great trainers. We can't take someone who's never stepped inside of a gym and turn them into an expert. We just can't! There's some “in the trenches” experience you need to bring with you.

Is this a certification?
Not currently. It's something Scott's looking into. Currently it's very hard to test this kind of thing.

Also, to be blunt: a lot of certifications are just money grabs, and if we go that route, we want to avoid that.

We don't want to guarantee anything in this regard, but if it does become part of the course, students who sign up now, or who have already signed up, will have first access and (were it to come with a fee to get tested) discounts.

Tech, Payment & Other Details
How many programs in total are in the Program Vault?
Right now, a little over 20. We've been adding more and more as time goes on.

They're all downloadable in both PDF and Word DOC formats, so that you can edit them, as you will want to use the structures yourself and make changes and custom design your own “tweaks” to the programs as you develop your personal collection, like Scott.

Can I do the course from my phone or tablet?
Yes. The site is responsive. You do need an Internet connection to stream the videos.
Can I download the videos to my computer?
For the Training Principles and 5-Day MET, yes. For the core modules: not yet, but we would like to make this available in the future.
Is there a payment plan? Can I pay all at once?
Yes… and yes.

You can pay for the course in one go, or pay over the course of six months. Paying all at once saves a bit of money.

Click the big green button, and both options will be available at checkout.