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Abel Training Principles

Learn 10 Expert Training Principles

Please Note:

Scott is now retired and working with existing clients only. For any inquiries, or if you're interested in a legacy product, please email Scott.

Scott and Dr. Ken have been colleagues for a long time – since Dr. Ken first attended one of Scott’s gym seminars. Dr. Ken knows that the best way to get great information out of Scott is just to give him a category and let him talk. As the book, Get the Pump, states “Scott will forget more in one week then most cats will know in three lifetimes!”

In this audio production, Dr. Ken gets Scott onto various topics to do with training, training mistakes, training misconceptions, etc. and just lets him talk. If you really want to learn about what training is versus what you may think it is, or you want a deeper understanding on a real level of training concepts, you must hear what Scott has to say.

The secrets Scott reveals about training and the high level of information and science by which he comes at this, is truly fascinating. Scott’s astounding level of knowledge and passion for training is impressive. With such an amazing amount of information at his fingertips and an intelligent point of view, it’s no wonder he is considered the ultimate coach.

You can learn how certain “faulty thinking patterns” can keep you from making gains, and how traditionalism can be a trap for beginning and advanced trainees in this game. You will learn and hear new ways of thinking about your training, and how to prosper from these alternative views to transform your current training knowledge to a new, higher level.

If you are a trainer or coach, there are specific strategies in the way Scott thinks and applies his expertise that will help you to help your clients as well. You will learn how and why “quantification” and “numbers” are in fact limiting rather than adding to the training experience. Learn how to properly apply and interpret qualitative indicators to enhance the training experience and make real world gains.

Knowledge is power and this is your opportunity to avail yourself of the real knowledge of one of the industry’s top experts. Learn how to properly think and gauge your training, and how NOT to fall into the traditional training pitfalls that trap so many trainees.

No matter what level of training you are at, you must hear Scott’s ideas. His Innervation Training System has revolutionized traditional bodybuilding methods of training and produced almost 300 champions at various athletic contests.

Now his MET TRAINING SYSTEMS are poised to do the same. Just when you think you have heard and understood all Scott has to say, he excites and astounds by going further and deeper into training concepts that most trainees take for granted, but do not understand in real terms, therefore limiting their possible gains substantially. Available on CD or MP3, this audio production is a must for the thinking athlete who wants to comprehend and contemplate advanced training concepts and ideas.

Be prepared to let go of what you assume to be right, with your current level of training acumen, and learn how and what to think regarding training in order to catapult yourself to greater gains in your training program.