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by Scott Abel

Training and Workouts

Physique After 50

How to use resistance training to feel younger, maintain muscle, and fight the effects of aging.

The Hardgainer Solution

A blueprint for building a better body, gaining muscle, and overcoming your genetics.

Nutrition Dieting and Fat Loss

The Anti-Diet Approach

Diets don't work. Going on "another diet" is not the solution to weight loss or weight control. Learn about the alternative.

Beyond Metabolism

Why do we crave the one food we "shouldn't" have? Why do we cheat on our diets? How is our brain connected to our hunger?

The Cycle Diet

When, why, and how to use refeeds and cheat days to optimize metabolism and stay lean year-round.

Metabolic Damage and the Dangers of Dieting

The truth about metabolic damage, its effects, and recovery.

Permanent Weight Loss

The self-nurturing mindset, the habits, and the diet strategy for genuine, lasting change.

Understanding Metabolism

The truth about counting calories, sustainable weight loss, and metabolic damage.

Lean Without Trying

Learn how to setup a vegan diet that makes weight loss easy and gets you back in tune with your body.

Mindset (and More)

The Aging Proposition

Age over youth? Whether you are already 50, or just someone who expects to be someday, The Aging Proposition is a must-read.

How to Be An Insanely Good Online Fitness Coach

An in-depth guide for fitness professionals looking to take their career (and their clients!) to the next level.