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9 – “Once I Start Eating, I Can’t Stop!”

Jan 20, 2020


Scott and Mike discuss what to do when you struggle with cravings. So, you open the bag, and find you just can't stop until the whole bag's finished; or, you try to have a handful, but you then need to reach for more.


Topics covered

  • The importance of wondering “what if?” I.e., if you're always thinking “mmm, oh, should I or shouldn't I?” then even if you don't snack then and there, the fact that you're constantly wondering is going to drain you, and at some point you will. The goal is to get to the point where you don't even thinking about it.
  • You want to find a way to incorporate bright lines. So for example, don't just eat roughly half the bag from the bag; instead, pour out the portion you need, then put the bag away. Then, once you've finished the amount, that's it. It's clear.
  • The difficulty of taking response-ability without wrapping it up with blame game connotations that do come wrapped up with the concept of “responsibility.”
  • The importance of who you want to be and how that influences your decisions and habits.
  • How to deal with this stuff by spending only a bit of time analyzing the problem, and then shifting the focus to what you can do about the problem.
  • The use of implementation intentions (“if this, then that”-type plans to deal with challenges) to help cut off the “oh what the hell” thoughts after a minor screw-up.