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5 – Five Fitness “Cornerstone Concepts”

Dec 23, 2019


This topic came from Mike. The idea of Cornerstone Concepts came from a similar idea in pedagogy studies about threshold concepts. The idea with these is that once a student understands a given concept like this, it completely changes their understanding of a topic, and/or their ability to understand that topic. The student immediately starts making new connections, other things start to fall into place etc. Things just “click.” They re-frame what the student already knows.

For today's episode, we came up with 5 ½ cornerstone concepts to go through:

  • Concept 1. Biofeedback and inside/out vs. outside/in
  • Concept 2. A concept I’m calling “the broad strokes”
  • Concept 3A. Train the muscle not the movement and it’s the muscles that work the weights, not the weights that work the muscles
  • Concept 3B. Train for development and strength will come, not the other way around.
  • Concept 4. Metabolism as the sum total of all the chemical processes in the body (not just calories in/calories out)
  • Concept 5. Calorie burning vs. calorie investing

Other notes:

Meal frequency studies Scott mentioned (suggesting increased frequency is good):

Meal frequency studies Mike's seen that complicate this:

Studies emphasizing meal-timing regularity: