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14 – Lou Schuler on Fitness & Writing

Feb 24, 2020


Mike is joined by Lou Schuler to discuss some of the larger trends in fitness, as well as how to avoid saying the same things over again in fitness writing.

Mike wanted to talk to Lou to talk about fitness writing because Lou — an award-wining journalist — has been fitness editor of Men’s Fitness, and, later, Men’s Health, and he’s written a bunch of well-known books in the industry, including the New Rules of Lifting Series with Alwyn Cosgrove, as well as a bunch of others you’d recognize.

Mike and Lou also discussed Ruth Engs' Clean Living Movements (read more in this New York Times discussion of Engs' book ( as as well as some relevant history of the Graham cracker at Refinery29 (

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If you do have a career in fitness and are looking to grow, be sure to check out the KC Fitness Summit ( during the first weekend in May. (Check out the speakers.)


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