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11 – How to Design a Workout Program

Feb 3, 2020


How much customization is needed for a workout program? Ideally, does every program you do need to be custom-designed from scratch? The answer is obviously not. Any good coach will have their own library of programs that are useful for a variety of different contexts:

  • First, these programs are structured around sound principles
  • Then, after doing a client assessment, a program can be assigned to a client based on their current individual ‘needs state’ among other factors.
  • Then, “tweakology” can be used for minor adjustments, either to the program itself or just int terms of application.

In Scott's Program Design Masterclass, designing new programs can be broken down into figuring out the following elements:

  • Theme, goal and/or purpose
  • Structure
  • Context


  • Strategy and tactics
  • Variables and constants

Scott and Mike then discussed some of the different themes Scott might use, different contexts, and how these are then applied to the individual trainee in different situations.