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A Realistic “Train-at-Home” Workout Program that Gets You Results

…and is also smart, sane and sustainable.

the Program

  The Busy Woman's Program is a set of sixteen circuits you can do at home that will help you…


Lose weight


Feel more energized and invigorated


"Tighten and tone" your physique

…all in the midst of your busy modern lifestyle.

In other words, this program is designed specifically for women who have to balance all sorts of daily responsibilities: careers, families, busy lifestyles, and more.

The program itself includes 16 different circuits that can be done at home, using only dumbbells and an adjustable bench.

The circuits are simple and easy to follow. You don't even have to do all of them until you feel like you're ready. Unlike most programs out there, these circuits are designed to make your busy lifestyle easier, not harder.

Every single exercise is shown in demo, and you get multiple options for making different movements easier OR harder, depending on how you are progressing in the program.

It's not about what fitness can do to your life,
but about what fitness can do for your life.

What this program ISN'T:

This ISN'T just a program about pounding yourself into the ground or “leaving it all on the gym floor.”

This ISN'T a program that you do in “three minutes” using some crazy HIIT protocol that doesn't actually work.


This is about leaving that mindset behind forever, and finally making real, sustainable changes.

There is a reason why the course includes extra video lessons and journalling exercises to ensure you use training as a means of self-care and self-nurturing.

This is about changes that last, changes that are worth making.

It's about getting off the roller coaster and making sound, simple changes that have a huge impact on your energy and your life.

Most Training Programs…

Focus only on calorie burning, until they burn you out

In the course you'll learn the danger of the “spend spend spend” mentality of calorie burning. It's not about spending until you go broke: it's about investing in a long-term strategy.

Offers sustainable training designed for metabolic optimisation

Yes, you still “burn calories” in the short-term, but instead of doing that until you burn out, on this program you enjoy the benefits of metabolic optimisation in the long-term.

Either require a lot of equipment or offer ineffective "bodyweight only" solutions

If you don't want to work out at a gym, the truth is you don't have to! But you still need a solution that gives you the right resistance and allows you to make real changes.

Uses just selectorized dumbbells and a bench

With just a pair of dumbbells and a bench, you can lose weight, feel great, and be more energized.

Push you to the max until you're exhausted

There's a reason that many programs are not sustainable: they drive you into the ground. This isn't fun, and you're already busy; you know that deep down this isn't really adding anything to your life. 

Will leave you feeling INVIGORATED after your workouts

When you feel invigorated instead of exhausted, you'll have more energy to help you with the rest of your day. Fitness and training should make everything else easier, not harder!

Benefits of the Program

With this program, you will…

"Tighten and tone" your physique.

Using resistance training, the program will improve your musculature. The “program design” of the workouts are setup to help you tighten and tone, shape and sculpt your physique.

Lose weight sustainably.

In order for it to last, weight loss has to come from a mindset of self-nurturing and self-care. 

Feel invigorated, with more energy.

Imagine if training actually helped you with everything else you do: you don't quit for the simple reason that there is no longer any mindset of resistance — your training is something that you look forward to.

Make the training program "your own."

Yes, there are some guidelines in the Rules of Application, but this isn't about the one secret, magic program, and how to do it “right” because that's what the guidelines say. Instead, it's about a solid, appropriate program done in healthy, self-nurturing way that serves you and your goals.

Optimize your metabolism.

The program's circuits are designed to help you focus on long-term metabolic optimization. More importantly, though, the lessons are designed to help you avoid falling into temptations and mindsets that lead you astray. 

Learn to ENJOY training again!

You don't have to worry about what others are thinking, or about unwanted comments from people at the gym. When you can just focus on your training, and focus on YOU, you can start to remember what training is supposed to feel like, and you enjoy a “clutter-free” mind. 

What You Will Get:

SIXTEEN Separate Circuits

No, you don't have to do “all of them” the moment you start the program. (There are also videos on easing into the program properly.)

In-Depth Video Lessons on Key Principles

The video lessons and framework for the course are based on a key principle: get the psychology and foundation right… and everything else falls into place.

Make the key psychological shifts with these exercises.

You can't just “watch” a program and make real change. We've included exercises and lessons that can be done as you learn, to help you make REAL, LASTING change.

Exclusive Access to Course Website

Don't just passively watch a few demo videos. Use the course website to learn and absorb the key principles that can make weight loss sustainable.

Get the complete version of the original book.

Soon this will be the ONLY way to get the original Busy Woman's Train-at-Home book. It's the perfect accompaniment to the course. (It also has several diet strategies and diets.)


And everyone is packed with insight and tips to help you make this program YOURS.
Two Important Bonuses

The Truth Series MP3s

Learn the truth about Food, Diet, and Training. These MP3s are the perfect addition to the course. They're an easy way to internalize some key ideas. We recommend you start listening to these just as you finish up the course.

Your Truth Is Calling Ebook

Your Truth Is Calling: Connecting the Dots to Self-Awareness will help you discover what really matters in your life and ensure you're using empowering, constructive thinking strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this program to lose weight?

Yes, definitely.

Lesson Two in the course modules is explicitly about how to do this. 

Is this workout program for women only?

Yes, basically.

It's meant for women who are busy with lots of daily activities and responsibilities. The exercises, the selection and ordering of those exercises, and the program design — all of these are meant to speak to a traditionally feminine physique. This means there is an emphasis on glutes, a tight, narrow waist, accented shoulders, and so on.  

Does the course have stuff on diet?

We've included the book, which has diet guidelines, strategies and sample meal plans inside it.

However, we don't have “lessons” on diet and diet mindset (or rather, “anti-diet” mindset) the way there are lessons on training. The reason for this is very simple: we're working on a “diet strategy” course that will work as a standalone. It will go into way, way more depth on diet, presenting concepts from almost all of Scott's books, but in an easy-to-follow, actionable series of steps you can follow. (Similarly, this course has important training and mindset ideas that go beyond the workout program that's included.)

If you want to get started on weight loss ASAP, our recommendation is to use the diet strategy in the included Busy Woman's book. 

Can I download the videos to my computer?

No, not yet. (We're working on it!) 

How long can I be on the program?

It depends on the person, but several months to a year, or even longer. 

Scott's programs are meant to “build” on each other. Instead of marketing some magic “do-it-all” program — which isn't how real-world progress works — Scott's programs are realistic and meant to build on each other. 

With that said, you can stay on this program a bit longer than most, depending on your goals and level of fitness. For example, if you were trying to achieve something very specific for the competitive stage, you'd want to graduate from this one to a custom program. But for weight loss and simply tightening and toning your current physique? This one is exactly what you need.

Do I REALLY only need dumbbells and a bench? Is that enough?


If the dumbbells and bench are adjustable, AND you're on a structured program like this one, with proper, expert program design behind it, then you can get a LOT done.

That said, a bodyweight only program at home would be too difficult. We could make one and we know it would sell like hot cakes, but we wouldn't really feel comfortable doing that, because you'd lose too many benefits going bodyweight only. Adjustable dumbbells and a bench, by contrast, are affordable, but they get you 99.9% of the way there — and for a circuit-based program like this one, training at home can be an advantage, since you'll never have to worry about someone stealing your equipment. 

Here's the key: you should get dumbbells that adjust quickly (often called “selectorized”), and a bench that can do a few different angles. It's an investment in your health, and usually costs less than a few months at a gym. You can usually save a lot of money by using Craigslist or other online classifieds. Yes, of course you can start the program without one or the other, or with just a few sets of “normal” dumbbells. But yes, the circuits work better if you have dumbbells that adjust quite quickly.

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