An Abs Workout and Abs Exercise Routine that burns calories, results in a shredded mid-section, and keeps your waistline thin.


A new and innovative way to train abs

This abs circuit combines functional training with optimal muscle-fibre recruitment to build you a strong, lean waistline.


Personal tips and insights from Scott Abel

The videos are packed with hidden insights and tips from Scott that you can’t get anywhere else.


Develop a functional, powerful core

You’ll develop a strong core that will reap tonnes of benefits in all areas of your life.


Avoid boring, long traditional cardio

Hate cardio? You can use the abs/core routine instead of a traditional cardio routine.


Over an hour of video


Complete written program


Scott goes through the full routine himself


Variations, plus info for setting up your own circuits


Tonnes of abs exercises for you to use


Pro-tips and expert insight throughout the videos

Most people know that 6 pack abs are “made in the kitchen.”
(Meaning you have to lose fat in order to “reveal” your abs.)

…but what if your abs workouts weren’t just a bunch of sit-ups, but an abs/core workout circuit that burned calories and helped you burn body fat?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Abs/Core routine for men and women?
Yes, the abs/core routine is designed to benefit both men and women. Whether you’re a man or a woman, this routine keeps your waistline thin, tight and defined.
Don't you just need to have low bodyfat to see abs?

Yes and no. You need both low bodyfat and a solidly built midsection. (If you’ve seen pics of 140 lb. men at 8% bodyfat wondering why they can’t see their abs, you can guess what the problem is: you can’t sculpt a pebble.)

The abs/core routine is unique because it burns calories like cardio, but it also strengthens your core and builds your abs. It’s also better for metabolism. Steady state cardio has a certain amount of diminishing returns; this routine doesn’t suffer from that.

I'm already training 5X per week. Can I do this routine?

Yes, though be intelligent about this.

Think of the routine like adding cardio on top of your current weight training. You can add 2 sessions per week “on top” of your current workout plan in order to benefit from the metabolic and calorie-burning benefits — but without causing burnout.

What if I don't have access to a gym?

This routine can be done at home if you have some resistance cable tubing, a medicine ball, and a stability ball. Yes, some of the exercises will likely need access to a gym, but substitutions are included.

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