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The Anti-Diet Approach
to Weight Loss and Weight Control
The research shows that diets, calorie counting, and all the rest of it, just don't work. These things lead to yo-yo dieting, body image problems, and metabolic compensation. But if that's the case, what's the alternative? The Anti-Diet Approach is about letting go of the diet mentality and the prison of diet obsession. Be real, be connected to yourself and your integrity. Use self-compassion, and stop feeling out-of-control or deprived.
How are your brain's reward centers affected by food? Learn about the modern world of food abundance and the way it influences your cravings as well as your relationship with food and eating. Beyond Metabolism includes an in-depth questionnaire to get you in touch with your own food issues and personal triggers. This book is about learning about the real-world we live in, not a make-believe world where everyone is always perfect on their diet and has no emotional connection to eating.
Permanent Weight Loss
A more practical, down-to-earth and hands-on version of the above two books, Permanent Weight Loss is about providing you with a very concrete road map. It includes multiple journalling and self-discovery exercise to help you learn self-compassion and the self-nurturing mindset; secondly, it will help you build practical habits like portion control and exercise programs. The book also includes sample meal plans and workout programs.
The Busy Woman's
Train-At-Home Workout Program and Diet Strategy
One of Scott's most requested programs was a “train-at-home” program for busy women. This book provides a full workout program that requires only a set of adjustable dumbbells and a bench. It is designed for the busy woman with a lot of responsibilities, whether they be personal, professional, or both. The workouts are designed to leave you more invigorated for your day's tasks, rather than exhausted.
These books can help you if…

You struggle with food, diets and dieting, and eating issues


You know everything there is to know about food, "macros" and calories... but still struggle


You're just plain sick and tired of being sick and tired


You're willing to let go of the "diet mentality"


You're willing to read, learn, and finally try a different approach based on self-care


You're willing to take the time with the questionnaires, the self-investigation questions and exercises inside the books

Scott gave me the tools to break free from the prison of body image and food issues and to mentally and physically recover from metabolic damage.
Shara V

I feel like Scott has given me back the balance my life was missing.

I have not been on a scale now in almost 3 years. I don’t know how much weight I had gained nor how much I have lost. That really doesn’t matter. What matters is that I can look in the mirror and not cringe and that feels really good.
Alba K

I struggled all my life to have a ‘normal’ relationship with food and came to Scott with a 40-year history of chronic eating-disorder symptoms. Letting go of my food obsession has by no means been easy. But with Scott’s coaching and my persistence, I can now see how my world looks without the mask of “being on a diet.” I really had no idea what resources and abilities I had inside of myself to make decisions and become aware of all the uncomfortable, conflicting emotions I had lurking inside of myself.
Jenny L

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