8 – What Progress Looks Like

This episode was based on a coaching client email Scott received that indicated what progress looks like. It's not just a before and after photo. It's about letting go of JOMO, not worrying at all about the scale, not being shamed based on what the weight scale says, and things like that.

7 – How to Start a New Diet or Workout Program Off Right

In this episode we cover: how do you start a program off on the right foot? If you've tried multiple diets and “failed” in the past, how do you actually change things so that this time it really is different, and you're not just doing different versions of the same thing, over and over again?

6 – Is the Fitness Industry Evil?

Unrealistic images of bodies. Supplements. Mental and emotional issues. Orthorexia. Is the fitness industry actually doing “good” in the world? In this episode we dig into that question.

5 – Five Fitness “Cornerstone Concepts”

The idea with these five cornerstone concepts is that once you “get” a given concept like one of these, there's no going back. Things just “click.” There was also a discussion about meal timing and meal frequency.

4 – When the Weight Scale Lies

In this episode we discuss how the weight scale can by deceiving, and why relying on it too much can mess with your mind. Scott was reminded of this topic by a client check-in from Melissa S. Melissa lost “only” 10 lbs, but the difference in how she looks — and feels — is much more profound.

2 – “Sticking to Your Diet” and the Holidays

In this episode we covered five emails Scott received from coaching clients about sticking to training and diet during the holiday season. Two important themes were (1) the importance of context, and (2) being honest with yourself.

1 – Using Resistance Bands for Fitness: Advantages and Disadvantages

Today we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using resistance bands for your weight training. Are resistance bands just another fad? A tool in the toolbox? How do you get the most out of them? Be sure to checkout Scott's YouTube Playlist for Resistance Bands...

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