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Alba Kerr

     The assignments in the course really make you think and help you to dig deep to uncover reasons for the food issues. Be honest with yourself, don't rush through it, and watch the transformation take place.

Jenny Loo

    Through my coaching with Scott, I learned how I was using food and dieting as a crutch to distract me from looking at my inner feelings. I used food to mask pain, hurt, anger, and loneliness.

    Now instead of using food as a coping mechanism, I use my own inner resources to help me deal with life, and to simply function as a contributing human being to society.

Shara Vigeant

    I can’t even begin to sum up in a small paragraph what Scott has done for me, but I will try.

    He has given me my life back. Scott gave me the tools to break free from the prison of body image and food issues and to mentally and physically recover from metabolic damage. 

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