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This is a limited-enrollment program. Scott only takes one or two students at a time, because of how much one-on-one work is involved.

Serious candidates only, please.


The Scott Abel mentorship was the defining moment in my coaching career.

There was a pre and post Scott Abel era for me. Pre, I had read every book a young coach could imagine. I studied all the popular coaches, blogs, and websites. But I jumped from one “philosophy” to the next. Because each one was marketed as the next big and best thing. What Scott gave me was a perspectivist methodology, that allowed to me to THINK and analyze the nuances of the PERSON I was dealing with. To look at it from the CLIENT’S needs and perspective rather than the program’s perspective.

Scott’s mentorship program allowed me to pull ALL the pieces together and weave a new fabric of method which was my own. Scott was the perfect mentor – not too soft, and not too harsh. Just REAL and in my opinion STILL the sharpest intellect in the fitness industry by FAR. He was talking up and against “scientism” and reductionism a full decade before any of the new kids on the block ever touched a barbell. He pushed creativity over rigidity and allowed me to “spread my wings.”

Without Scott I wouldn’t be as half as successful as a coach.

It was a heavy financial invesment for me at the time – but years later, I turned those few thousand dollars into a few million. Thank you, Scott.

Amir S.

I became a mentoring student of Scott’s in 2006, after being his client for 2 years. I hired Scott after years of competition and brutality on my body, mind and spirit via extreme diets and training. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I wanted to be normal and healthy, not stressed, worried, and obsessed with my body and my body image.

After 2 years of him coaching me back to health and wellness, I was honored to be asked to learn his ways and become his FIRST mentoring student. To me this was a once in a lifetime chance to learn how to coach people from the inside out from someone who literally gave me my life back. I knew his ways worked, because I lived them everyday. It was more than just learning exercise science and nutrition, it was about learning about PEOPLE and how to make them feel better, and become happier.

During my years mentoring under Scott, I learned more than what any exercise science degree or certification out there has to offer. I learned how to COACH – the real way. It was more than what I had expected – he offered me so much of his time, insight, expertise, life experiences and friendship. The knowledge I gained helped me become a very successful coach from learning how to coach the PERSON and apply the proper training and nutrition techniques, regardless of their goals.

Shara V

My name is Josh and I’m a current mentor student under Scott Abel. I have previously finished studies in health and nutritional science and am now undertaking further studies specifically with biochemistry and molecular biology. While undertaking my previous studies within nutrition, which focused primarily on the obesity pandemic, working with Scott gave me invaluable insight into the ‘real-world’ mechanisms that really played as central tenets fundamental to the issue at hand.

I have learned more from Scott in terms of ‘tools’ and the appropriate ‘application’ of these tools for the individual than I have ever, or would ever, have learned from textbooks and lecturers who really only know how to “attack the problem at the level of the problem.” Scott’s methodological study of how we interact with food, fitness and ourselves has produced a ‘meta-knowledge base’ of understanding and insight that integrates an eclectic spectrum of disciplines including the psycho-social and biochemical detail.

The mentorship is an exciting and priceless opportunity to get direct one-on-one mentoring access to the best in the business – someone who has successfully and skillfully navigated through the inordinate enigma of fallacy and confusion that is the ‘fitness-industry’ – while facilitating hundreds and hundreds of champions – both professional and the everyday person. It has been an amazing education to undertake and certainly the education which gave a relevant and common-sense set of lenses with which to understand the current industry paradigm and how to help navigate a person successfully through it. I could not recommend it enough!

Josh S



$6,997 CAD.

Bank Deposit only. No payment plans are available. Please think seriously before joining.

Qualification Requirements

University degree in a related field, and/or a background in Scott Abel’s methodologies in diet, training, and coaching.

Scott’s academic background is in sociology and social work, so he’s not against taking students from separate fields, but in such a scenario, you do need to make a case.

Preference will be given to current and past clients, but that is also not set in stone.

Length of Program

Typically, one year. Consider that the “official” length. Because of the nature of this kind of thing, Scott has yet to not maintain a relationship with his mentoring students after this period.

As the year draws to a close, we would ideally like to also help you with your online presence, feature you on the YouTube channel, that kind of thing, if that’s what you feel would help your career most. Keep in mind this is not specifically a marketing program. The students above found success through their own hard work — and especially their leadership in fitness.

What this includes:


Personal mentoring from Scott


Access to every single Abel product


Access to unpublished programs, diets, notes, and writing.


Specific guided exercises

"Pretend you receive the following assessment package from a client. They say they are four weeks out from a show. They have a prep coach, but their coach doesn’t know they’re in contact with you. How do you handle this situation?"

“Here are five workouts. How would you turn these five workouts into a real 3-week program for a trainee with X, Y, Z needs?"

Note that the exercises change as the relationship evolves. It depends on your strengths and weakness, but also your interests.


Back and forth feedback and guidance

This is not a bells and whistles online training e-course or something. This is simply structured, personal mentoring and teaching from Scott Abel to hold you by the hand, and help you take your coaching and your career to the next level.

If you’re interested, please contact Scott directly at:

scott [at]

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