Use these for videos, podcasts, etc. They’re easy to remember and say out loud.

Awesome Abs – absbyandy.com

Cycle Diet (general) – thecycle.diet
(pronounced “the cycle dot diet” –> this is for the COURSE mostly)

Cycle Diet (book) – thecycle.diet/book
(if we want to mention just the book for some reason, since course is more expensive)

Great Glutes – http://scottabelfitness.com/greatglutes

Innervation Primer – scottabelfitness.com/primer
(pronounced “scott abel fitness dot com… slash primer)

Podcast review – smartersculptedphysique.com/review
(pronounced “smarter sculpted physique dot com… slash review)

Coaching Page – scottbelfitness.com/coaching
(pronounced “scott abel fitness dot com… slash coaching)

Program Design Masterclass – programdesignmasterclass.com

Hardgainer Solution – hardgainersolution.com


Use these whenever someone says something nice. Just let them know, “If you feel like sharing your story…” and send them the link. :)

Coaching Services – http://scttabl.click/tstmlsrv
(For people to leave a testimonial for coaching or one-time services.)

Products – http://scttabl.click/tstmlpr
(For people to leave a product testimonial — whether books, videos, whatever.)

Program Design Masterclass – http://scttabl.click/pdmtstml
(You probably won’t have to use this, but I’ll be sharing it in the group or via email with people specifically in the Masterclass.)

EWE Testimonial – http://scttabl.click/ewetst
(Testimonial specifically for EWE.)


Ultimate Figure – scttabl.click/udufp
(UFP course is $95 USD. Link has 40% coupon in it.)


The Aging Proposition – http://scttabl.click/agingproposition

Anti Diet Approach – http://scttabl.click/antidiet

Better Abs, Stronger Core – http://scttabl.click/absbk

Beyond Metabolism – http://scttabl.click/beyond

Busy Woman’s Train-at-Home Diet Program – http://scttabl.click/busywomanbk

Cycle Diet (BOOK) – http://thecycle.diet/book

Hardgainer Solution – http://hardgainersolution.com

How to Train For a Better Physique – http://scttabl.click/howtotrain

Intro to MET – http://scttabl.click/METintro (free!)

Metabolic Damage – http://scttabl.click/metdmg

Online Fitness Coach – http://scttabl.click/fitcoachbk (formerly Coach Whisperer)

Permanent Weight Loss – http://scttabl.click/prmwtlss

Physique After 50 – http://scttabl.click/after50

Psychology of Achievement – scottabelfitness.com/achieve (for now let’s stick with the “memorable” one)

Slingshot Program – http://scttabl.click/slingshot

Understanding Metabolism – http://scttabl.click/undrstdmtblsm

Your First Six-Day Program – http://scttabl.click/first6day

Zen Fitness, Tao Health – http://scttabl.click/zentaobk


5-Day MET Training – http://scttabl.click/5daymet

6-Day Hybrid – http://scttabl.click/6dayhbrd

Ultimate Figure Program – http://scttabl.click/udufp

Whole Body Hypertrophy – http://scttabl.click/WBH

Abs/Core Circuit Training – http://scttabl.click/abscorevid

Program Design Masterclass – programdesignmasterclass.com


Abel Approach – http://scttabl.click/approach

2008 MET Workshop Workbook – http://scttabl.click/METwrkshp

“HIDDEN” Books

(you can still use these links, but most people won’t be able to find these; there’s not “path” to them on the site.)

2010 Training Diet and Supplement Workshop Workbook – http://scttabl.click/2010wrk

Empowered Woman book – http://scttabl.click/ewebk

Phantom Menace Food Issues & You – http://scttabl.click/phtm

Go Deeper to Live Better – http://scttabl.click/deeper

The Other Side of the Mirror – http://scttabl.click/mirror

Your Truth Is Calling – http://scttabl.click/trthclg

What Lies Beneath – http://scttabl.click/beneath


Coaching – http://scttabl.click/coaching

One-Time Diet – http://scttabl.click/mealplan

One-Time Workout – scttabl.click/workoutplan

Clients Section – https://scottabelfitness.com/clients/

Big useful blog post “How I Approach Online Coaching” etc. – http://scttabl.click/10principles


Cycle Diet – http://thecycle.diet/

Great Glutes – http://scottabelfitness.com/greatglutes

Program Design Masterclass – programdesignmasterclass.com

EWE Course – http://scttabl.click/ewe_course
(Just a waiting list page. Best not to use very much.)


The Truth Series (all three) – http://scttabl.click/truthmp3s

Abel Dietary Principles – http://scttabl.click/dietmp3

Abel Training Principles – http://scttabl.click/trainmp3

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