Use these for videos, podcasts, etc. They’re easy to remember and say out loud.

Awesome Abs – absbyandy.com

Cycle Diet (general) – thecycle.diet
(pronounced “the cycle dot diet” –> this is for the COURSE mostly)

Cycle Diet (book) – thecycle.diet/book
(if we want to mention just the book for some reason, since course is more expensive)

Great Glutes – http://scottabelfitness.com/greatglutes

Innervation Primer – scottabelfitness.com/primer
(pronounced “scott abel fitness dot com… slash primer)

Podcast review – smartersculptedphysique.com/review
(pronounced “smarter sculpted physique dot com… slash review)

Coaching Page – scottbelfitness.com/coaching
(pronounced “scott abel fitness dot com… slash coaching)

Program Design Masterclass – programdesignmasterclass.com

Hardgainer Solution – hardgainersolution.com


LIST OF ALL EBOOKS: https://scottabelfitness.com/ebooks/ 

Training and Workout Books

The Abel Approach – https://scottabelfitness.com/ebooks/abel-approach/ 

The Hardgainer Solution – https://scottabelfitness.com/ebooks/hardgainer-solution/ 

How to Train for a Better Physique – https://scottabelfitness.com/ebooks/how-to-train-for-a-better-physique/ 

MET Workshop Workbook – https://scottabelfitness.com/ebooks/met-workshop-workbook/ 

Intro to MET Training – https://scottabelfitness.com/ebooks/intro-to-MET/ 

Slingshot Past Your Training Plateau – https://scottabelfitness.com/ebooks/slingshot-program/ 

Physique After 50 – https://scottabelfitness.com/ebooks/physique-after-50/ 

Your First Proper Six-Day Bodybuilding Program – https://scottabelfitness.com/ebooks/first-proper-6-day-bodybuilding-training-program/ 


Nutrition Dieting and Fat Loss

Anti-Diet Approach – https://scottabelfitness.com/ebooks/anti-diet-approach/ 

Beyond Metabolism – https://scottabelfitness.com/ebooks/beyond-metabolism/ 

The Cycle Diet – https://scottabelfitness.com/ebooks/cycle-diet/ 

Metabolic Damage and the Dangers of Dieting – https://scottabelfitness.com/ebooks/metabolic-damage/ 

Permanent Weight Loss – https://scottabelfitness.com/ebooks/permanent-weight-loss/ 

Understanding Metabolism – https://scottabelfitness.com/ebooks/understanding-metabolism/ 


Mindset (and More)

Aging Proposition – https://scottabelfitness.com/ebooks/the-aging-proposition/ 

How to be an Insanely Good Online Fitness Coach – https://scottabelfitness.com/ebooks/online-fitness-coach/ 

The Mindset of Achievement – https://scottabelfitness.com/ebooks/mindset-of-achievement/ 

Zen Fitness, Tao Health – https://scottabelfitness.com/ebooks/zen-fitness-tao-health/ 




Awesome Abs – http://absbyandy.com

Busy Woman’shttp://busywoman.fitness/

The Cycle Diethttp://thecycle.diet/

Food Freedomhttp://foodfreedomcourse.com/

Great Glutes – https://scottabelfitness.com/greatglutes/

Hardgainer Solutionhttp://hardgainersolution.com/ 

Program Design Masterclass http://programdesignmasterclass.com/



The Truth Series (all three) – https://scottabelfitness.com/mp3s/truth-series/ 

Abel Dietary Principles – https://scottabelfitness.com/mp3s/dietary-principles/ 

Abel Training Principles – https://scottabelfitness.com/mp3s/training-principles/ 

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