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A New Glute Training Circuit Protocol to Tighten & Tone, Shape & Sculpt Your Glutes…

All While You Burn Fat and Optimize Metabolism!

About Great Glutes

This is a metabolic fat loss circuit protocol with a specific emphasis on tightening and toning the glutes.

You can add these circuits “on top” of your current training program just like you would cardio — only instead of boring aerobic cardio that gives you no long-term benefit, you will actually get something DONE while you burn fat!

The Progam Includes
Two main glute circuits, plus bonus circuits with glute and quad targeting
Expert video explanations of EVERY exercise
Precise “Rules of Application” to use with your own program

Benefits of Great Glutes

Speed up and optimize your metabolism
Burn calories WHILE sculpting your glutes
These circuits can work with the training program you're already doing!*
* Think of them as a “metabolic booster” that just happens to also give you a great payoff for the glutes.

Is the program for women only? 

    Yes, basically.

   While men often need work on the glutes as well (often because they neglect them), and they can benefit from these circuits in the right situation, these circuits are generally more applicable to women.

Is the program for beginners or advanced trainees?


    This program is very flexible in this regard.

   The exercise videos also include options and variations to progress or digress the exercises, depending on your current fitness level.

   The Rules of Application that you get with the program also includes advice for “conditioning into” these circuits.

Can I do these circuits at home?


   In fact, although some of the alternate options might involve a couple dumbbells or a TRX, the main exercises are bodyweight only.

   (NOTE: This makes these circuits great for travelling!)

Can I use these glute circuits to lose fat and get lean?

Yes. That is exactly what they were designed for!

Great Glutes


Two “main” glute-targeted circuits (with extra bonus circuits)
Written “Rules of Application” for the program
Over two dozen video demos and explanations for EVERY exercise in the circuits