Do You Suffer From Any Kind of Food or Eating Issue? Do You Want a Healthier Relationship With Food?

If you suffer any kind of eating issue, mild to severe, then this project is a must for you. It doesn’t matter if it is binge eating, overeating, mindless eating, nervous eating, unwanted snacking, etc. If any of these types of eating issues describe you, and you struggle with it – then this project is for you.

Moreover, if you find yourself pre-occupied with food too often, then this project is for you.

If you find you are always in a mental battle with food, then this project is for you. If thoughts of food engender feelings of anxiety, guilt, reward, shame or any of these emotions – then this project is for you. If thoughts of food change your feelings about yourself or make you anxious, then this project is for you.

Anyone who would even remotely use the word “struggle” to describe their relationship to eating or food or weight or diet or even body image – would behoove themselves to invest in this project.

This project consists of TWO books regarding eating and food issues, PLUS a workbook, which has exercises and discussion which will fundamentally alter your approach to food – and help you solve these issues once and for all.


Book 1:

Food Issues Are Awareness Issues


Book one is about the modern world we live in and how it creates “excesses.”

Your food/eating issues are actually a result of excesses you have created which you may not even realize. And these excesses in thought or behaviour lead you to falsely seek “external” solutions to what are, in fact, internal issues of excess.

Book one discusses various personality types or situational circumstances where you create your food and eating issues as a reflection of other continuing unresolved issues of excesses and internal struggle. This book discusses and explains how you seek “external” solutions to food issues (things like new diets and such) because you cannot truly understand that the food and eating issues themselves are external issues of excess.

Once you understand the operating emotional factors from book number one, book two addresses your food/eating/diet/weight issues from the actual mindset you have adapted.

Book two helps you to understand your own “stinkin thinkin” regarding your food/eating issues. In book two you will explore how your diet-mentality is not only the servant to your struggles, but actually supports and reinforces your struggles with food and eating as well.

In book two, you will be able to unravel how you do not really have food and eating issues per se, you actually have awareness issues. And the reason you cannot solve your food and eating issues is because your diet-mentality is blocking your path to real awareness.

Book 2:

Your Diet Mentality Is the Phantom Menace


Book 3:

Phantom Menace and Food Issues WORKBOOK

The workbook is designed to work on its own, or as an excellent adjunct to book 1 and book 2 of this project. Because this whole project is formulated on the premise that your food and eating issues are emotional and awareness issues – the workbook focuses on these elements of yourself.

The focus of the workbook is an emphasis on developing self-awareness by focusing on three key components of it that have been disrupted by the phantom menace of your diet-mentality.

These key areas are perception, perspective, and emotional courage.

The workbook contains many exercises as well as key delineations and markers which will help you empower yourself by developing self-awareness. And as you do the exercises and change your perspective, and perception, you also develop the emotional courage to see the phantom menace of your food issues for what it actually is – a phantom. And as such, over time you no longer need to fight with the phantom as you have been doing. You merely see it for what it is and slowly but surely you are able to let it go.

Book 1: Food Issues Are Awareness Issues

Book 2: Your Diet Mentality Is the Phantom Menace

Book 3:Phantom Menace and Food Issues WORKBOOK

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