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2004 Ontario Championships

This one is from the 2004 Ontario Championships. I also had performed it at the 2004 Toronto International Pro Show. I went in a little different direction with this and it remains a popular hit.

Part 1

Part 2

2002 Guest Posing Performance

This is one of my first full quest posing routines back from serious back surgery in 2000, and being on the shelf for some time. There was still training limitations etc., that kept me from full out training, but this routine also became quite famous and put me back on the map as a featured guest poser, known for conditioning, entertaining, and having a good laugh. I hope you enjoy.

1987 Great Lakes

This is the routine that started it all. Although I had already won a couple of best poser awards, this routine put me over the edge, so to speak. Up until then not many people were doing routines that told the story of the song that the routine was choreographed to. (It also helped that in 1987 there weren’t many guys weighing in at 235 lbs.) There are times during this routine the audience was so loud you couldn’t hear the music, which is Bruce Springsteen’s “Fire”. After this I got calls from people who wanted video copies, promoters who wanted me to guest pose at their show, and tons of people who wanted me to choreograph their own routines. Yes, this routine in its time was quite famous, and sort of put me on the map.

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