Coaching Clients

Ron Partlow

Working with Scott was a long time coming. I had followed his articles and witnessed his clients many times at Nationals. They were usually beating me, LOL. Even the guys who weren’t with him at the time had previously been clients and still followed his principles, so I knew there was something to his methods.

After doing my own diet several times at Nationals, and managing a few 2nds, I decided to go with him after Dan Fedeluk convinced me I would enjoy having a coach. He was right. Prepping for the 2004 Nationals was so much less stressful with Scott at my side. Working with Scott has made me a better athlete, trainer, and competitor in all ways. Working on my mental game has proven to be the most important area that Scott can help me to help myself, and it is working out great. With 2005 off, I plan on blitzing all year long and returning to the stage in ’06 or’07 as a DOMINANT Superheavy.

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