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Emil D

Coach Abel has been a profound source of knowledge throughout the year I have been with him. Not only does he know what he is talking about 110% of the time, but he cuts out all the nonsense of get ripped/huge quick workouts and other diet fads. Just a few weeks on a workout and diet regiment and I could see an immense difference in my physique and energy levels. I was an athlete and have always worked out since I was in high school, but achieving the physique I wanted never came to fruition, no matter how much time I spent in the gym. I tried different diets and read as many articles as I could and took a ton of different supplements to attempt to reach my goal, but nothing really worked. Coach Abel took the guess work out of everything and I have not touched a supplement in over a year and look better than I ever have thanks to him. Before I contacted Coach Abel, I read a few of his books/posts and when you’re reading his blog posts, books, videos, etc it all just clicks and makes sense. After a few emails back and fourth I took the plunge and don’t regret it at all. Most recently I have been trying to compete in my first body building show and the way he gave me the tools to transform my body was unreal. He just knows what he is talking about, plain and simple. He is always answering any questions I have and has been supportive throughout my time with him. His decades of experience shows with each plan or regiment he has given me. I just implemented and listened to him 100% and it worked!  I plan on staying with him for years to come and I highly recommend Coach Scott Abel.



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