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Don Rose

My name is Don Rose and I’ve always loved training ever since I first started doing curls with old pipes in my basement at the age of 14. Once I got into college I really started to do it for real with the regimented diet and training 5 or 6 days a week, using routines cobbled together from Arnold’s venerable Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding, I gained 20 lbs of muscle rather quickly and I have been hooked ever since.

Once the internet started to take off I pieced together other routines from internet guru articles, always searching for the next best workout or diet, but none of these were individualized and I had developed some bad habits, especially mentally. I first hired Scott in December 2007 after seeing his name pop up over and over again on bodybuilding forums. I had done online coaching before and it was ok but something was missing. At the time I was nursing a couple injuries, especially knees which were hampering my leg development and had me wondering how much longer I could keep going. I was fully subscribed to the heavy weight often dogma and I was reaping the problems associated with that mindset of “heavy all the time, never take breaks” mentality. Scott provided a much needed reality check that moved me a lot closer to balance in my life, having me take actual weeks off, using higher reps and learning to focus on the movement and not the load. It took a while to sink in as Scott can probably attest to, but it did eventually.

I have been with him for the last 7 years, including attending his July 2010 seminar, and I haven’t stopped learning new tricks or evolving and refining my thinking and approach to training. Scott is the master of taking cosmetic change which is considered very difficult for so many and making it simple (but not easy!), and as so many others have said, cuts to the heart of what works. It has been years since I have scoured the internet looking for the next great workout routine or diet scheme. I just tell Scott my biofeedback and then it’s just a matter of small adjustments. Every program follows and builds on the last and I never have to worry if my time is being wasted or I’m headed down a wrong path.

Over the years with Scott I’ve experienced nearly all his methodology, the Cycle Diet, both carb and fat based, Innervation, MET hybrid training and going through full contest prep to earn a respectable 2nd place finish in the light-heavy class of the 2011 Daytona Beach Classic.  I can say without reservation that he has a deep understanding of physiology and psychology that few others in the industry can even approach. I know that what I have done in the last 7 years has been the best path that I could follow in regards to training and diet. It was and continues to be time not wasted. And that is the one resource no one can get more of. So thank you for your guidance Scott.

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