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Chris Fusco

It all started for me back in 2002 when I came home after living in Italy for 6months. I went to the local Golds gym and hired the owner to train me to put on some size for baseball. The plan at that time was to spend the year getting into top shape and then trying walk on tryouts in spring training for the pros. Somewhere during that year I was talked into stepping on stage after 8months of training. Keep in mind up until the time I came home I had never even trained. So after getting absolutly humiliated I still managed to fall in love with that day and the whole process leading up to. It wasn’t soon after that I started hearing the name “Scott Abel” and finding out what he was all about. I made it my own personal goal to qualify for the provincials and then I was going to hire Scott to take me the rest of the way.

I ended up damaging my shoulder ( alot of the damage came from all the years of pitching ) it was so bad, at one point I couldn’t even bench press a bar. I went to Scott anyways and between his help and heavy treatment sessions of ART and accupunture, by September/October I felt better than I ever did.

During this time my girlfriend Lindsay joined up with Scott as well, and did he ever have his hands full!! but he had brought a confidence out in her that I had never seen, and he helped her so much on a more personal level as well.

By the end of our initial journey Lindsay and I both accomplished our goals and have qualified for the nationals. I have already told Scott that even when he decideds to finally retire he still won’t be able to being my “coach”

This has been one of the best years of my life and a big part of it is due to Scott Abel. I am can’t even begin to imagine what the next two years will be like in getting ready for the nationals.

I would also like to mention that since joining the Abel Team I have met a group of great individuals, some that have even become pretty good friends!

Christopher Fusco

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