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Anthony D


Before I met Scott I was obsessed with training and dieting. I would count every single calorie, carb, protein, etc and I never had a cheat meal ever. I remember I use to count the grams of carbs in egg whites! I also remember weighing broccoli and getting a calculator to figure out how many calories my portion was and then weigh peppers and again figure out the calories from there. I would eat 1800 calories every singles day, 800 calories from protein and the rest fats or carbs. I would never hang out with friends because I was worried about eating out or not being able to eat every 3 hours. I was shredded but I constantly felt like crap. My hands were always freezing I could no longer play sports even with sugar free redbulls! Even my sex drive starting to plummet and I was only 19 years old! Eventually I got very sick and was diagnosed with sarcoidosis which affected my a lot of organs from my liver to my heart. Despite getting sick I still focused on training and dieting instead of getting well. I cannot prove it, but I’m positive that my under eating and training obsession got my sick.

Finally, I discovered Scott and really liked the things he said on his forums and T-nation articles. I invested in his coaching and have never felt better. I have been with him for three years and I am in the best shape of my life. I am not at the level of physique of a bodybuilder but I am very happy with my body. I could audition next week to be an underwear model and have a good shot. But most importantly I do not stress about what to eat, or what workout to do next or how many BCAAs to drink during my workout, etc. I have much more time now for school, friends, and handball. This past summer I reached the semifinals of the 2011 United States Handball Association One Wall Nationals. I am healthiest and happiest I’ve been for the past four years and I owe so much of this to Scott.

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